Zuckerberg denies that Facebook helped Trump to win: it’s crazy

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg responded to accusations from critics regarding the fact that the flow of false news in social networks allegedly became one of the factors that has helped Donald Trump win the presidential election in the United States. This Zuckerberg said at a conference in California, reports the BBC-Ukraine.

«The notion that fake news on Facebook somehow affected the outcome of the election, quite insane,» he said.

In liberal circles in the US is gaining popularity is the theory of what social networks have enabled Trump to communicate their ideas to a wide range of voters. Without social networks such a possibility would be, says a critic.

Some data show that the fictional news was spread by social networks much faster and wider than subsequent exposure.

Among users of Facebook — 156 million Americans, and according to a recent study, two-thirds of them find out all the news on this site.

The algorithm newsroom ribbon Facebook by default is configured to show the user the information that he’s probably interesting. As a result, as some believe, formed a kind of «information bubble», which enshrines the user for a particular point of view and belief in his own rightness, otmezhevat him from publishing, submitting alternative views.

In may, the American conservative publications have accused the social network of bias during the selection of news and antithrombosis position, which was expressed in the fact that the moderators during the formation of the stream of stories trending allegedly give priority to the news on liberal sites. The administration of Facebook has rejected these accusations, but later disbanded his team selection news, focusing on a mathematical algorithm. As a result, when a tape got news that proved to be false.

Zuckerberg, however, says that it could not affect the election. However, he acknowledged that to create a balanced news tapes of the administration of the social networks still have work to do.

Previously, Zuckerberg spoke negatively about trump, but at this conference spoke about his election optimistic.

Recall also that in November, German prosecutors launched an investigation against the founder of social network Facebook on suspicion of inciting ethnic hatred.

Zuckerberg denies that Facebook helped Trump to win: it’s crazy 11.11.2016

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