Zuckerberg after online threats has expanded the protection of the house

The Creator of the social network Facebook, a dollar millionaire, mark Zuckerberg expanded the protection of his house in Silicon valley to 16 people. According to informed sources, the well-known entrepreneur in the field of Internet technology has decided to provide for his own safety after he received several users from Internet threats, writes NEWSru.com.

Now Zuckerberg house in Palo Alto, California, guarded by 16 people, reported the British edition of Page Six’s anonymous source. And the guards are not at the same time and in shifts, noted the interlocutor of the edition.

According to the source, all the technical tycoons within Palo Alto gradually increase their security.

«You will come in contact with hundreds of millions of people,» said the source Page Six, explaining that threats by even a small percentage of the total number of dissatisfied users running applications that can scare you.

«All leaders receive threats, and they take them very seriously,» the source added.

As noted, the threat of upset users can extend to family members. It is worth noting that on December 2, 2015 Zuckerberg was born the daughter of Max. For a newborn of a caring father even went on maternity leave for a couple of months.

In addition, according to the source, sometimes Facebook becomes the indirect reason for breakups and divorces. In this case, irate users also unfairly blame their failures on the social network. According to the American Academy of lawyers in family law, Facebook leads in the number of online evidence, which became grounds for divorce.

By data for December of 2015, Facebook had a daily average of more than a billion «active users».

Earlier media reported that neighbors Zuckerberg in San Francisco, where the founder of Facebook also have a home, dissatisfied with his protection. Local residents complained that the security guards of the businessman «constantly, illegally occupied by the two best Parking spaces in the area.» In the appeal of the neighbors said, «We talked with the guards, and they were friendly, but ultimately was instructed by my management not to move the car under any circumstances».

Zuckerberg after online threats has expanded the protection of the house 16.02.2016

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