Zimbabwe’s military seized the local TV and radio company

On the morning of 15 November, the military of Zimbabwe took control of the state broadcaster ZBC, according to Reuters.

Several television and radio employees were beaten, the Agency said.

Military control of entrances and exits to the building. The newscast was replaced by musical broadcast.

On 13 November the head of the Zimbabwe defence forces Constantine of Chiwenga accused President Robert Mugabe in political purges in the ruling party and threatened with army intervention in political crisis with the resignation of Vice-President Emmerson of Mnangagwa. The next day, 93-year-old Mugabe held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, which accused Chiwenga in «treacherous behaviour and incitement to revolt».

As the Associated Press, Mugabe has accused its closest ally, the Mnangagwa in an attempt to seize power through witchcraft. According to respondents by Agency experts, the root cause of the conflict was the position of the first lady of Zimbabwe, 52-year-old grace Mugabe.

The ruling party the «African national Union of Zimbabwe – Patriotic front» issued a statement in which it was claimed that General Chiwenga commits treason.

The evening of 14 November, a few tanks and armoured military vehicles were seen on the streets of the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, and at the entrances to the residence of Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe-led Zimbabwe since 1980, when the independence of that state was recognized by the international community.

Zimbabwe’s military seized the local TV and radio company 15.11.2017

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