Zhuravskii: All employees Chernovetsky checked on the lie detector

The ex-mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky of all their employees checked on a lie detector, told in the author’s program of Dmitry Gordon on the channel «112 Ukraine», the ex-MP, ex-Deputy mayor of Kiev Vitaly Zhuravsky.

«Sure! He could come at any time: in two hours of the day or at six in the evening, but people were in their places with the nine, and before he leaves, alternate with left. It happened that from the reception phoned at 22.00 and said: «Vitaliy Stanislavovich, now you will be tested on the lie detector» – he said.

Zhuravsky added that many times it is passed.

«I want to say that the lie detector you are not cheating,» he said.

The former mayor of Kiev confirmed that one of the Deputy Chernovetsky bought the polygraph and trained on it: «Yes, he actually trained, but he did not go. Because when the Deputy came to Leonid and he tested it on his lie detector, of course, he failed the test. And then Chernovetsky him very severely punished».

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Zhuravsky was held that the officials checked on the polygraph.

«If people are in public service receive a substantial amount of money, and I think it will be so, then how to check that they are not stealing? Because even people with large incomes, but without moral principles, all the same will steal. Only the lie detector – he was not cheating,» he said.

Chernovetsky held the position of mayor of Kiev from April 2006 to July 2012.

Zhuravskii: All employees Chernovetsky checked on the lie detector 25.07.2017

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