Zhemchugova was operated on in Germany

The wife of a former prisoner of the fighters of Vladimir Zhemchugova, who was sent for treatment in Germany, said that as her husband became much better. About Elena Zhemchugova wrote in his Facebook.

«We have good news. Two of them, «she writes,» November 21, Volodya had brought his glasses, and he sees them in 5 m. of course, not very sharp and 14 DPT. But the doctors promise that every day will be better. Wears glasses with pleasure. With them, the world is born anew in the eyes of Vladimir. Already walking without my support for the longer distances,» she said.

«And the second news — November 22 successfully passed the operation on the abdomen. Thank physicians surgeons. All were able to do in one operation. Although there were options, because of a large hernia are two possible operations. But the cost of one. The splinter was removed. Yay! Was pain problems yesterday. But these pains are nothing compared to those that were in Lugansk hospital a year ago. Today at 5 am Vladimir was up and walked a bit with my support. We are fine! As soon as I start «run», inform. We wish you all a good day and good mood», — she wrote.

Pearls were released from captivity of fighters on September 17.

In the Donbas Pearls hit a trip wire, resulting in lost vision, and were without arms. Pearls seriously wounded were taken prisoner to terrorists, and they kept him for about a year.

Zhemchugova was operated on in Germany 24.11.2016

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