Zhebrivskyi promised Akhmetov problems from Dobropole

Chairman of the Donetsk regional state administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi promises to «problems» of DTEK and its shareholder, the businessman Rinat Akhmetov , due to interference in the creation of the United communities in the region. He stated this at a press conference in Kramatorsk on the evening of 12 January, reports «Island».

«There is DTEK, which, unfortunately, began their own policies. I warned the owners of DTEK is engaged in business activities, do not meddle in politics. Unfortunately, there is one of the representatives of DTEK, which for some reason decided that under DTEK Dobropolskaya will be formed a large community. Will not allow this,» said zhebrivskyi.

«Is that for the benefit of people – the approach of administrative services. Appeal to Mr. Tishchenko and principal shareholder – if the employee will be involved in politics, they will have big problems,» said the Governor.

He noted that DTEK together with the mayor of Dobropole Andrey Aksenov advocate the creation of United territorial community with the administrative center in the city and they «began to bend people over a large single Dobropole».

«This will not happen. Will have problems Aksenov, and DTEK. There’s a distinction: policies, please in the Verkhovna Rada, the party and go, be engaged in politics. Business will not go into politics. This is the key question… I kindly request the shareholder to reflect and to pay attention to the conversation that repeatedly it was a business separate policy – separately,» – said zhebrivskyi.

Note that Putin openly supported the «DNR» and was involved in organizing the illegal referendum on may 11, 2014 on the separation of Donbass from Ukraine.

Zhebrivskyi promised Akhmetov problems from Dobropole 13.01.2017

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