Zhebrivskyi: in the industrial zone of the Town were shooting, but the city restore

On the outskirts of the Town on the night of February 7 was single attacks, but the city was generally calm, the ongoing restoration work. This was announced by the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky in Facebook.

«Night in the town was relatively quiet. Single attacks were in the industrial area and the outskirts and on the positions of our armed forces,» he wrote.

In the city continue repair work.

«Yesterday, the city has worked 7 repair groups, the day helped repair 44 damage to private and public sector. This morning the repair of the group went out again on the objects,» said zhebrivskyi.

«When cameramonitor and restore not only those 198 damage that the city has experienced over the last week, but all the destruction caused to the town since the beginning of hostilities in the Donetsk region in 2014. And these objects, we now average about 600», – he stressed.

In full mode filtering station. «The water went in the city network,» said zhebrivskyi.

«We continue to deliver humanitarian assistance in Avdeevka and in all the settlements of Donetsk oblast that are on the line of collision, from Svetlodarsk to Sartana», – said the head region.

Help comes in the center in Kramatorsk, and «directly at the plant».

The state service of emergency situations reports that as of 8 a.m. Tuesday to centralized electricity supply is connected all the inhabitants of the Town, there is no light in 3 villages near the town of Kamenka, Fun and Peter.

«Work has begun on restoration of damaged buildings. It was restored at the 40 locations of the Town and secured the fabric on the Windows of private residential houses in the amount of 139 units with a total area of 208,5 sq. m, and coating the roofs of houses with total area of 149 square meters», – stated in the message of the SSES.

On 6 February from the city evacuated 8 people (including 4 children) in boarding house «the Pearl of the Donetsk region» in Svyatogorsk. In the whole of the Town evacuated 298 people (including 139 children).

At the same time, on Monday have resumed the work of schools and kindergartens of the city. Functions 1 point of life support (SSES 7 tents, 1 charity), 3 stationary points of heating, which are addressed 11 789 people.

Zhebrivskyi: in the industrial zone of the Town were shooting, but the city restore 07.02.2017

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