Zhebrivskyi complains that the militants do not allow to fix the pipes in Turecka

The head of the Donetsk military and civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi said that the militants do not allow to repair the water supply to the city of Torack.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

«Russian fighters and further, there is no guarantee of silence and the possibility to repair the water supply to Turecka. In the «gray area» we need to repair damaged plot 900-mm pipe. In fact, we need 2-3 days to replace the damaged area. All we have needed, we are ready at any time to get to work,» said zhebrivskyi.

However, he stressed, the Russian side in the Joint coordination center for control and coordination of the ceasefire and control the line of contact «the sixth day refuses to provide a guarantee of a cease fire in this area, to the side is not fired repairmen».

«The Russian position is obvious – they deliberately delay the safeguards regime of silence, to as much mischief to us. They are actually most interested in the deterioration of the situation on our side. Completely fascist methods of the Russians», — said the head of the Donetsk CAA.

He added that in Toreck are transported daily 260-300 tons of water, 18 water carriers. «If everything goes according to plan, today will open in Turecka schools and kindergartens. Since water is already provided,» explained zhebrivskyi.

He also informed that without heating there are 35 houses inhabited by 2356 people. «Although the problem here is that we fill heating system with water, but people arbitrarily selects warm water from the pipes, and thus incapacitate the heating system,» explained zhebrivskyi.

He said that today will hold in Turecka meeting, including with the military, to deal with the situation.

Earlier it was reported that due to damage to a water pipeline Coreck is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, but the occupants did not give security guarantees, which will allow the Ukrainian public utilities to begin to repair.

Zhebrivskyi complains that the militants do not allow to fix the pipes in Turecka 28.11.2016

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