Zhdanov called the disqualification of GM Anikeeva element of the hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine

The decision of the Board of International draughts Federation (IDF) on the re disqualification of Ukrainian Yuriy Anikeev, now for 3 years, is illegal and a political decision, says the Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov.

«This is part of the total hybrid war that Russia is waging against Ukraine, including through the use of pocket and the Kremlin-controlled international sports federations. It is no secret that the leadership of the International draughts Federation consists almost entirely of the citizens of Russia. According to available information, the decision on disqualification of Yuriy Anikeev also been linked with the curators of the functionaries of the IDF in the Russian power structures», — he wrote on his page on Facebook on Wednesday 18 January.

Zhdanov noted that Anikeev, despite the various conformist offers that he received, «not bent, not broken, has not renounced his views and personal right to wear to competitions national Ukrainian clothes, an integral aspect of which is our embroidery».

The Minister called on concerned patriots, businessmen, philanthropists, lawyers Anikeeva to provide financial and legal assistance to defend their rights in the International sports arbitration court in Lausanne.

«The reality is that filing and follow up of the claim requires quite a lot of funds not less than 50 thousand euros, which our athletes and the profile of the Federation. And the state can not interfere in this process. I ask all who want to help, contact the draughts Federation of Ukraine, which will subsequently publish the relevant details», — he said.

Yuriy Anikeev – international grandmaster, honored master of sports of Ukraine. The 2004 world champion in Brazilian draughts-64 world champion 2016 international draughts 100 in the fast program, European champion 2005, international draughts blitz, a multiple champion of Ukraine in draughts 100 and 64.

Zhdanov called the disqualification of GM Anikeeva element of the hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine 19.01.2017

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