Zhdanov: Accusations of illegal arms is very serious. Ukraine may engage the international criminal court

A series of scandals involving illegal arms supplies to Ukraine will continue, and the already announced the sale of weapons to countries in East Africa can serve as a pretext for proceedings in the International criminal court. About this in comments to the edition «GORDON» said a former officer in the operations Directorate of the General staff of Ukraine, Colonel Oleg Zhdanov.

«I think the West has found a real weak spot that you can push. This accusation is so serious that we can easily fly from the arms market. On Ukraine’s right to sell weapons to a foreign market can be embargoed. The accusations are very serious. We can even engage the international criminal court for the illegal sale of weapons, the spread of violence and support of terrorism. Qatar has banned to sell gas on the international market due to the fact that they listed a billion dollars allegedly of ISIL, although there is a dual situation. And here there have been direct accusations. I think, for these rhetoric will be followed by an international investigation, and a lot of institutions that will dig very deep,» – said the expert.

In his opinion, initiating investigations into the supply of weapons, the West is committed to encourage Ukraine to a real fight against corruption.

«I think a series of scandals surrounding the supply of weapons will continue, because Ukraine is really engaged and the gray and black arms market. About us just talking all over the world. The goal is to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to end the end we took the head and began reforming the country and the fight against corruption. Terpelka burst over the ocean. Europe has long we are willing to push Moscow to the Kremlin understood. And the ocean was once again convinced that waiting for nothing. They have a $ stagnate. They want to invest here. They need the market and the investment climate, but they understand that the current situation in the country, investments will just disappear. And we’ll raise arms and say: well, it happened. So I decided thus to force Ukraine to become on the right path,» – said Zhdanov.

On September 25 the international human rights organization Amnesty International has said that Ukraine involved in illegal arms shipments to South Sudan.

On the same day, the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime OCCRP published the results of its investigation to the supply of arms to Africa and the middle East. It says that the schemes involved a private Ukrainian company «Tekhimpeks», which repairs and sells military equipment, and defense enterprise «Ukrinmash». In the period from 2015 to 2016 Poland sent military vehicles into Ukraine in the amount of $4.1 million After that 45 military vehicles were shipped from Ukraine to East Africa through the United Arab Emirates.

The state enterprise «Ukrinmash» charges from international organizations were rejected and stated that the contract for the supply of arms to South Sudan really existed, but was not implemented due to the lack of an export licence.

Zhdanov: Accusations of illegal arms is very serious. Ukraine may engage the international criminal court 27.09.2017

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