Zhadan said Medvedchuk at the comment about «the Hemingway» in Ukrainian literature

The writer Serhiy Zhadan said the politician Viktor Medvedchuk about the appearance in the Ukrainian literature of their own by Hemingway and Remarque.

January 7 broadcast of one of Ukrainian TV channels Zhadan told that completing work on a new novel about the war. During the conversation he said that in Ukrainian literature in recent times, there are a whole range of texts dedicated to the Maidan and war, and in his opinion, «until we have Ukrainian Remarque, Hemingway».

Victor Medvedchuk has decided to use the words of Zhadan for his own political purposes and, capitalizing on the theme of the end of the war, gave his interpretation of what was said:

«In the works of Hemingway and Remarque war is not Holy and right and killing people in the name of vested interests of governments, in particular governments of those countries, citizens of which were the writers. And fast lifetime popularity of both novelists is explained by the fact that they expressed the thoughts and feelings of millions of people who experienced all the hardships of the war. Therefore, the appearance of these Ukrainian Remarque and Hemingway not only would bear witness to the increasing level of Ukrainian literature, but would be a symptom of the moral health of society, his desire to end the war», — wrote the Medvedchuk on Facebook.

Serhiy Zhadan said Medvedchuk for the distortion of what he said on Hemingway:

«Not ready to argue with Viktor Medvedchuk nature of humanism Ukrainian book publishing, but the war would like to say the following: Mr. Medvedchuk, it is possible that this war is not given (yet) of Ukraine its Hemingway, but it certainly gave Russia his Hitler. Perhaps he or she is now 1939 and may 1940, it is even possible that it is preparing for its 1941. But the fact is that the history of each of Hitler somehow ends with 1945. That you any Hemingway says.

And pass his godfather,» wrote Zhadan on the official page in Facebook.

Recall that the jade, in addition to the literature engaged with the music. After the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with the rock group from Kharkov «Dogs in space» and change the signs on the «Zhadan and Dogs» artists released in 2012 the program «Weapon of the proletariat», and in 2016 he released the album «Dogs».

Zhadan said Medvedchuk at the comment about «the Hemingway» in Ukrainian literature 19.01.2017

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