«Zhadan and Dogs» shot a video in the juvenile facility

Rock band from Kharkov «Zhadan and Dogs» presented a new video for the song «10 righteous», based on footage taken during the concert in Kremenchug penal colony for adolescents.

«This is the place where hundreds of young men, nobody really cares, and about cultural events in General it is not,» say the musicians.

The producer of the clip was made by Mikhail Lukyanenko, which cooperates with Sergei Zhadan and the group.

«He made a very emotional video, built on contrasts that can be seen both in coloring and in the choice and order of training», said the Manager of the group «Zhadan and Dogs» Anahit Agadzhanova.

Lukyanenko used fragments from the concert of «Zhadan and Dogs» in the Kharkov club «Heat», connecting them with frames, which removed the prisoners boys.

The song «10 righteous» will enter a new plate of group «Zhadan & Dogs» called «Dogs», which will be released on 5 may.

«We want to focus this album on some social groups, of which the majority of people thinks, in particular, we are talking about prisoners adolescents,» says Anahit Agadzhanova.

«These guys once tripped, but still have the right and chance to fix something in life,» say the band members.

«Zhadan and Dogs» are going to continue to act in such establishments. Several concerts will be held in the summer and autumn of this year.

Earlier, the group of Zhadan has published a scandalous song about the attitude towards elections and the political situation in the country as a whole.

«Zhadan and Dogs» shot a video in the juvenile facility 20.04.2016

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