Zguladze calls to judge on the police. And wants more arrests than layoffs

First Deputy interior Minister Eka Zguladze urges citizens to judge the police in her Affairs and promote the reform of law enforcement agencies.

She said this at a Board meeting of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of justice with the participation of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and ambassadors of the «Big seven», transfers «Ukrainian truth».

The official noted that the police have big plans, but it’s not enough.

«If you won’t change the entire criminal justice system, it’s time we sink. All criminal justice, since the Ministry of justice, juvenile justice… But, in the first place, the Prosecutor’s office, SBU, the courts, NABOO,» said Zguladze.

She expressed gratitude for the confidence the country’s leaders and international partners, and for the positive evaluation and hope for the police – citizens.

«But just because of the success that we have, I want to ask you about something strange. Don’t trust us. Especially do not trust the words. Try us for and strictly», — said the Deputy head of the interior Ministry.

«And nothing to be afraid of frustration,’ she turned to the staff. — Because, perhaps, frustration is the only energy that can move our reforms forward. Because no one wants to change something when all is well or is there a chance to wait, to regroup,» said she.

«Reforms happen when the frustration gives second, third, fourth breath is for people who want to make reforms, and makes those who do not want to make reforms, to make them, because they have nowhere else to go and nowhere to hide, and not to finish too it is impossible», — said Zguladze.

She said: «I am not calling for anarchy. It will ruin this country… We need a Maidan – hundreds, in each of our institutions.»

She noted that all structures have «great plans, and we can do it.» «And this demanding energy that will come from the citizens of Ukraine, we will only help,» said Zguladze.

According to her, one of the fundamental principles is people. Therefore, making the plans, the interior Ministry proceeded from this: «How does this idea of specific reforms will help solve problems one person? Whether this reform, if it helps the person and whether to develop it, so she helped another reform? If the initiative does not meet these two issues, this is an unnecessary reform.»

«Because the fronts can be done in different, beautiful… but this year we’re going to save all that we have, other priorities – including, on salary… We go on this risk: less populism, less of beauty and an investment in people – including, and in our own, but for people who are outside of our system», — said Zguladze.

In addition, Zguladze believes that convicted of corruption by the employees of internal Affairs bodies must be brought to justice.

Zguladze acknowledged that «the process of reform will always be difficult».

«I know how you feel – our representatives from the regions to shrink, optimize, especially when we talk about certification, recertification, recruitment of new employees. In each case, is a person whom you know for years, is always difficult going. But it has to cross,» said she.

«I’m looking at LCA. Because the certification and the set will expand with the police on all bodies that are under our umbrella. Without this in any way. And not because the people who work there, bad. Maybe not. But if a person is corrupt is a priori «Yes,» said Zguladze.

«I would like to see more arrests than layoffs. This time,» said the Deputy interior Minister.

And the second one in her opinion: «it is more Important to get rid of those who don’t believe (the reforms) and want to wait. Here they inhibit reform much more».

We will remind, on November 7 2015 in Ukraine came into force the Law «On the National police». At the same time the Law «About militia» has been repealed.

The police have a new structure have the right to use certificates, seals, logos and emblems of the police and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine until the end of 2016. Also during this period, the police allowed the wearing and use of uniforms uniforms specific to the police.

All temporarily assigned employees of the National police will be recertified to a permanent position, applicants for Executive positions and investigators will undergo the polygraph test and will be interviewed.

Zguladze calls to judge on the police. And wants more arrests than layoffs 10.02.2016

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