Zakharov: No British media in Russia will not work, if they close down Russia Today

Every Russian authority will develop a list of countermeasures in case of imposition of sanctions by Britain against Russia. This was stated by the speaker of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova, the program «60 minutes» on TV channel «Russia 1».

«Now listed a huge list and experts, and people close to London and the official London measures that can be taken. It will be each of our relevant departments to decide how to react, if they will accept it. I can say for the journalist. Here just can tell you. None of the British media in our country will not work, if they close down Russia Today», she said.

On 12 March, the broadcasting regulator in the UK Ofcom has notified the Russian propaganda channel Russia Today that his license may be revoked.

Ofcom said that the decision will be made as soon as the Prime Minister Theresa may finally determine the answer, whether Russia is involved in the poisoning of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in the UK.

Skripal and his daughter Yulia was hospitalized on March 4 with symptoms of poisoning. Also in the hospital brought local Sergeant nick Bailey, who visited the house Skripal in Salisbury.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson said March 6 that Britain would respond to any evidence of Russian participation in possible poisoning Skripal, down to reduce the level of representation on the football world Cup in 2018.

March 12 Mei said that according to the investigation, during the assassination attempt used the nerve agent «Beginner», developed in Russia. According to her, the Kremlin should provide an explanation of the incident until the evening of March 13, otherwise London would take an incident of unlawful use of force by Russia against the United Kingdom.

Mei also agreed with the President of France Emmanuel Macron on a joint response to Russia’s aggressive actions.

March 13, Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Russia will not answer the requirement of the UK government to provide up to the evening of March 13, the explanation about the poisoning Skripal. He added that Russia is innocent in all this.

Zakharov: No British media in Russia will not work, if they close down Russia Today 14.03.2018

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