Zakharchenko is targeting gas stations the white house. Fact commanded to get out of «DNR» until 30 April

The leader of Pro-Russian terrorist organization «DND» Alexander Zakharchenko has created a «Commission» to investigate the actions of the former «head of the security Council» groups, the leader of an illegal armed formation (IAF) «East» Alexander Khodakovsky. On Monday, 29 February 2016, according to «Information resistance».

«On February 25 it became known that in the «people’s Council DND» is planned to create a «temporary Commission» that will investigate the «dark Affairs» Comments», — stated in the message.

February 27 «the Commission» was established, was composed of «deputies» of the «DPR».

«Commission» mandated to establish the facts and circumstances of illegal appropriation of property with the participation of the white house. She also has the right «to apply to «law enforcement» «DNR» for bringing to justice those responsible for violating the law».

In particular, dissatisfaction with the environment Zakharchenko was the fact that the militants Khodakovsky single-handedly dispose of the gas station, «nationalized» at the Lviv company «OKKO», which consumes a fuel for a hybrid Russian troops.

The duration of the determined fee until April 30, 2016.

«In other words, the «resolution «of the people’s Council DND» on creation of «temporary Commission» looks like a letter of recommendation to the white house with a proposal to get out of the «DNR» to 30 April», — noted in the «Information resistance».

In response, the white house wrote in his blog that he just «got scared» and also that the last «clean», in fact, Zakharchenko, after which the head is temporarily occupied by the Russians in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will become well-known representatives of the regime of Yanukovych, is currently hiding in Moscow.

Recall, February 23, the SBU reported about the real threat to the life of the white house. Information confirmed the Directorate of intelligence.

Before that in Donetsk was visited by the curator of the temporarily occupied territories of Russia, the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, among others engaged «personnel changes». On February 18, the last day of the visit ended with accusations of «work» on the Ukrainian authorities, «treason» and targeted «delivery of human settlements» to address the Comments made by the commander of the terrorist «Givi».

Khodakovsky also began to remember his activities at the head of the Donetsk regional division of the SBU «alpha» and connection with the business of Rinat Akhmetov, which the white house allegedly voluntary «saves».

Khodakovsky did not rule out that Russian special forces eliminates it by analogy with Alexei Brain or Paul Dremova, i.e. while driving in a car in an open area outside the village. So was «cleared» and Alexander Bednov («Batman»).

Zakharchenko is targeting gas stations the white house. Fact commanded to get out of «DNR» until 30 April 29.02.2016

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