Yushchenko gave Groisman «plan for understanding» and says that Ukrainians need to ask yourself, not Poroshenko

Third President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko gave the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman «plan for the Prime Minister». He told about it on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine».

«I had a meeting with the Prime Minister, and I frankly told the Prime Minister that I want probably want him to be successful. Because Ukraine was delayed in expectations of at least some of the success that we fixed, and so we were not rolling on the floor, and there at the bottom knocking bottom, that is where to fall», — said the ex-President.

«There is, in my opinion, a very successful economic formula that I’d like to see the government have adopted, and my trip was due to one, saying: «Mr Prime Minister, I have a plan for the Prime Minister, I want you to have it, I want you to understand him, he added, has lowered, but we have to live in a clear economic doctrine,» — said Yushchenko.

He also praised the commitment of the current President for reforms in the country.

«Poroshenko is working in the conditions in which I worked, or President Kravchuk did not work, or the President Kuchma did not work. I think there is certainly a great personal responsibility for a particular policy state, but on the other hand, I appeal to all whether as a nation we do in order to become like the poles, like the Lithuanians? After all, we can rely on the fact that we need Havel (Vaclav Havel, the first President of the Czech Republic — ed), but don’t do the homework, which if Havel did every Czech», — Yushchenko said.

«If you go back to 2010, we had then two forces that fought for possession on the Bank. Was very often such accusations, you know, to blame Yanukovych, guilty, and guilty. I think to blame those 14 million who stand behind it. Because they generate what is called «persona», which embodies their ideals, again, to my speech, my memory, to what is called a nationality. Because when we talk about the nation is the pinnacle of the unity of the people», — said the former President.

«No Union, no Church, nothing higher does not happen on the scale of unity, only the nation. And the nation is based on five or six fundamental things, and if we have those five or six fundamental things there, and we appeal to… Poroshenko is to blame now? Or Yatsenyuk to blame? Either Yanukovych is to blame..? To a large extent, I know that it was an unfortunate remark, which I do, and I know it won’t win me any allies, but if we want to be as successful and with such high achievable goals, as did those of the Slovaks, poles and Lithuanians, we need to do the national work they have done over the last maybe 50 years,» said Yushchenko.

Yushchenko also commented on his photo in social networks at a flea market.

«If you me on Saturday at half past nine in the morning for the last 40-35 years want to see, come to the flea market. I never sell, of course, I never traded. I have one drawback. The last 35 years I collect ethnic Ukrainian rural things. And I think that a greater number of Ukrainian rushnyk than me, no one, especially the Hetman of Ukraine. Ukrainian costumes, no one either as much. So on Saturday I have a 3-4 point where I sit on a plastic chair, the seller gives me a free Cup of coffee and we sit 20-30 minutes and understand that it is through the expedition brought from the Ukrainian village in the Museum, which I do. Then I was caught. And then came the girls, put the kids and asked me to photograph,» — said Yushchenko.

Earlier, Yushchenko said that in 2014, the Crimea had to fight against the Russian invaders.

Yushchenko gave Groisman «plan for understanding» and says that Ukrainians need to ask yourself, not Poroshenko 05.09.2016

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