YouTube will remove the TV series

Video service YouTube has announced the premiere of their own programs, TV series and feature films, which will star popular videoblogger. Own production of TV shows and movies – YouTube part of a strategy to attract users to its paid service, YouTube Red, reports BBC Russian.

If before YouTube was trying to attract paying users with stars of show business – paid YouTube channels Red led, among others, Madonna and actor Ashton Kutcher – now the service relies on the YouTube celebrities.

As reported in the company’s first premiere will be a game series Scare PewDiePie in which the main role was played by popular Swedish video game commentator Felix Kjellberg, known under the pseudonym PewDiePie. The channel Kjellberg at the time of this writing, about 42 million subscribers. The creators of the show made by the producers of the series «the Walking dead».

Also in February there will be a premiere show of the documentary «Journey to the island of unicorns» Lily Singh (about 8 million subscribers). In addition, the service has purchased the rights to one of the films of DreamWorks Animation.

By the way, the production of their own shows – a strategy common among various online cinemas. For example, a service Netflix a few years ago has already shot the sequel to the popular TV series Arrested Development. In recent years, YouTube has consistently been taking measures to monetize the service and attracting users on a paid basis.

The show will only be available to subscribers of YouTube Red with 10th of February.

Previously YouTube was rated the most popular video 2015.

YouTube will remove the TV series 04.02.2016

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