YouTube made the biggest failure in history

A bug in the counter on Youtube was depriving people of subscribers in a matter of minutes. The mass error was the fact that when someone is unsubscribed from a channel, the counter is subtracted from the total number of subscribers 1 and 2, reports The Next Web.

To illustrate the magnitude of the problem, blogger BlackScreenTV created a script with which managed for a few hours to unsubscribe from a few popular channels more than 300 000 users. According to the blogger, this is the biggest mistake in the history of YouTube, which worked, apparently, since the beginning of February.

After the error message that YouTube has assured concerned users that the bug affects only the displayed number of subscribers, not on their actual number.

The error was corrected by the service on the night of 10 February. Subscriber counters now work properly. Some users also confirmed that their number of subscribers has been restored.

Earlier it was reported that Facebook is testing the playback of advertising «inside the movie».

YouTube made the biggest failure in history 10.02.2017

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