YouTube design changes

YouTube is changing the design of the website and mobile apps, according to a blog on the company website.

It is noted that over the past few months they have gradually been updated, the process will continue until the end of the year.

YouTube got a new logo, the word «Tube» now is not highlighted in red. The website added the option to enable dark theme.

In the mobile app as in the desktop version, became more white color instead of red, so as not to distract users ‘ attention from content.

Users of the application can rewind the video 10 seconds forward or backward by double tapping on the edge of the record, the update appeared this year. YouTube plans to add the ability to switch between videos by swiping your finger across the screen left or right.

The app also introduces the ability to speed up and slow down video playback. Previously it was only in the desktop version.


YouTube design changes 30.08.2017

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