Young officials: if not total corruption, successful reform would last 3-6 months

Government officials, among which Deputy of a number of Ministers, spread open anti-corruption statement demanding changes. This statement was spread in social networks of civil servants of different levels, in particular, Deputy Minister of economic development Maksim Nefedov.

«We are professionals who came from different spheres, often refusing high salaries and socializing with family. We came, because we understood: if not us, then who? And if not now, when?» said in a statement.

«In recent years, many of us resigned, because he could see opportunities to continue to implement reforms», — stated in the Manifesto.

The authors of the manifest declare a systemic crisis.

«All have already got that: due to the lack of a clear mandate from political parties many reforms, their implementation requires 3-6 months, and are waiting for people who are not able to proceed during the year, and sometimes even to start,» — say the signatories.

According to them, in Ukraine corruption flourishes at all levels, impunity and hypocrisy still is a normal phenomenon.

«If we are not naturally opposed themselves to the old system, we will feel a smokescreen for corruption», — said in the Manifesto.

It is noted that changes should start with the President, as head of state and Prime Minister, as the Prime Minister who are the leaders of the largest parliamentary factions.

The statement has already signed up a number of civil servants, in particular the adviser to the Minister of ecology Alexey Goncharuk, the former Deputy defense Minister Yuriy Gusev, Deputy Minister of economic development Yulia Klymenko, former first Deputy Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Fact and others.

Recall that on 3 February the head of Minsterstvo economic development and trade (MEDT) of Ukraine of Aivaras of Abromavicius announced his decision to resign from the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. One of the main reasons he called the corruption pressure on the part of the people’s Deputy from «BPP», long-term business partner incumbent Igor Kononenko, who, in his words, tried to take control of state-owned enterprises, providing over the heads of his proteges.

«The forces of evil want to rewind it all back… Let’s get rid of «looking» that milked the Ukrainian economy…» — said the Economics Minister.

In addition, Abromavicius accused at the time of the first Deputy of the faction Poroshenko in the fact that after he accepted proposals by Kononenko and refused the dubious decisions in favor of the MP, the Office of state protection (HUGO) has stopped to ensure his personal safety and the safety of his family members. HUGO confirms that he has ceased to protect the Minister 25-31 January, that is, when he has not left office.

Kononenko denies the accusations.

Young officials: if not total corruption, successful reform would last 3-6 months 12.02.2016

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