Yemets has filed his candidacy for the Supreme court to follow the competition from the inside

The Deputy from «popular front» Leonid Yemets , together with a group of associates applied for competition for selection to the post of judges of the Supreme Court to control it. This «Ukrainian truth» said Yemets.

«We first issued the call for experts was submitted to this contest, but then gave only 900 people. Many of those who didn’t want to join, explained it fears that in the high offices are negotiating the lists of judges, who definitely wins,» he said.

«Plus there are several very notorious characters, such as Arthur Emelyanov and others who walk and radiates the belief that they will win in the competition,» said Yemets and added that he hoped that the Council of Integrity and the NEB will review all candidates.

«I was forced to offer that I then included in this process to the inside to control it and see how you will be tested on an interview, all the procedures. So I managed to convince a few hundred candidates. Now we have 1300 applicants,» he said.

«I hope the competition will be fair», — said Yemets.

He added that the documents were submitted to the competition, not one, and together with fellow like-minded people.

«We came up with a plan — few of us, publicly stated of which only I, and the other one will not know. Scientists, lawyers and judges. We serve will continue to receive information from the source. As soon as we feel that there are grounds to say that the competition is unfair, or there are any limitations, we will strongly react,» said Yemets.

On the question of what he will do if he wins the contest, Yemets said:

«I propose then to think. I have a district, for which I am responsible. But judicial reform is one of those promises I gave to the voters. So first — the conduct of a fair contest, and then I’ll think»

Recall that the formation of a new Supreme court to be held until March 2017.

Yemets has filed his candidacy for the Supreme court to follow the competition from the inside 25.11.2016

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