Yemen withdrew extradited to the United States permission to conduct operations on its territory

Yemen has revoked the previously issued permit to the United States to conduct land operations against terrorists in the country. The authorities of the Arab States made the decision after the January RAID by US special forces on the headquarters of the terrorist group «al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula» has led to casualties among the civilian population, reports The New York Times.

Officially banning the holding of U.S. special operations was not announced neither the Pentagon nor the Yemeni side. At the same time, according to sources in the military structures of the United States, the decision of the government of Yemen does not apply to transactions involving unmanned aircraft in which the us military air strikes on terrorists.

When conducting the first large-scale US operations in Yemen after joining Donald trump in the position of President of the United States January 29, the U.S. military came under fire and returned fire. Killing one soldier — a soldier of the Navy seal William Owens, three more soldiers were injured. It was also reported the deaths of about 30 people among the civilian local population, including 10 women and children.

The Central command of the US Armed forces (CENTCOM) said that the special forces had been eliminated 14 militants, among whom were the leaders of «al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula» and their accomplices.

Despite the fact that the Pentagon has acknowledged the deaths of civilians, the White house continues to insist that the operation in General was successful, the soldiers performed their tasks in the fight against terrorists.

Meanwhile, broadcaster NBC said that the purpose of the RAID, held on January 29, was the leader of «al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,» Qassim al-Rimi. However, sources said, to eliminate it failed. According to sources at NBC, the US special forces was given a secret mission to capture or kill the terrorist. While it is not known whether or not the leader of the militants in the headquarters during the RAID of the Americans.

Al-Rimi after the RAID has published an audio recording in which he derided US President Donald trump. Military sources, NBC reported that the entry is genuine.

Later, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer has denied the information that the target of the attack was the capture or killing of a particular leader, «al-Qaeda».

Yemen withdrew extradited to the United States permission to conduct operations on its territory 08.02.2017

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