Yavlinsky: the Responsibility for the shameful rejection of the war, and the destruction of MH17, are in Europe

Three years after the disaster MH17, the Russian side continues to lie and deny it, although it’s well known who fired at the Malaysian plane and it was a rocket. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the party «Yabloko» Grigory Yavlinsky in Facebook.

«There is no doubt that the plane with passengers, no one was not going down. The shot is nothing more than a tragic accident. However, this does not mean that the crime is not guilty… the Passengers of the Malaysian Boeing and many other civilians were killed because in the East Ukraine war was waged. The war, as they say, a hybrid, a war criminal. Beginning of the war the Russian government», – he said.

The politician added that the Kremlin is still trying to use the Donbass as a means of influence on Ukraine.

«The decision to use this war of long-range anti-aircraft missile was made in Russia. In war as in war. In war anything can happen. And the trigger can also click anyone. However, the responsibility for the fatal shot and downed the plane are the ones who unleashed a senseless bloody war, those who are sponsoring, arming and support. The death of 298 passengers is the consequence of all this,» – said the leader of «Yabloko».

He added that the German intelligence knew about the presence of installations «Beech» in the theater of operations.

«Key European policy makers and military leaders were well aware that this anti-aircraft missile system is deadly for flying in this area, not only military but also civilian aviation. However, in Europe, not knowing how to confront Russia, confused and silent. The result was not secured the closure of airspace over the combat area. Therefore, the responsibility for the shameful rejection of war, and therefore for the death of the passengers of the downed plane are in Europe… But the principle of identifying the main culprit has not been canceled: who started first. And the beginning of Russia», – said Yavlinsky.

He added that Russia should admit responsibility for the deaths and end the war in the Donbass.

«That is what is in the interests of Russia, and not shameless self-justification through endless lies», – the oppositionist summed up.


Yavlinsky: the Responsibility for the shameful rejection of the war, and the destruction of MH17, are in Europe 17.07.2017

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