Yatsenyuk went to Brussels to lobby the Ukrainian European integration

During a three-day visit of the leader of the party «national front» Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Brussels will discuss a visa-free regime for Ukraine, deter Russia, sanctions, energy security, and the prospects of a United Europe. This was stated in Facebook adviser to Yatsenyuk on international Affairs, former Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Danylo Lubkivsky.

It is reported that on November 28 begins a three-day visit of Yatsenyuk in Brussels.

«This trip we had planned in advance. The summit Ukraine-the EU confirmed its necessity. Appointments will be many: the President of the European Council Donald Tusk and European Parliament President Schulz, the Vice-presidents of the European Commission maroš Šefčovič and Dombrovskis, commissioners Hahn and Oettinger. And we have a lot to talk about», — Lubkivsky wrote.

According to him, the Summit Ukraine — EU has put a big question — «how we see the future of our relationship?»

According to Lubkivsky, it will be about three blocks of topics.

The first relates to the expected EU decision, «hovering» problems «and Dutch issues, and visa and others.» «Our position is simple. We don’t need other people’s favors. We need confidence in the word of the EU and its strategic vision. Ukraine has something to offer to this vision,» he writes.

The second set of issues concerns the containment of Russia. «Sanctions should be extended. Loss European consensus is a threat to Ukraine, but primarily Europe. Any minor benefits and manipulation around this issue is nothing compared to the unpredictable consequences of the international impunity of Russia. Escape from the problems and cowardice — the first symptoms of recurrence of tragic mistakes,» — said Lubkivsky.

He said that we will talk also about energy security. Lubkivskyi reminded that Yatsenyuk’s government has made energy independence of Ukraine from Russia. «We showed an example. Yatsenyuk was the initiator of the international coalition against the Russian idea of «Nord stream 2». And so in Brussels we will focus on the prevention of monopoly «Gazprom» in Europe, and prohibiting the construction of «Nord stream 2», and about the final abolition of the extended limits of «Gazprom» on the capacity of the OPAL gas pipeline», — informs the counselor.

«The third block — the future. Despite all the current difficulties, we must aggressively and clearly raise the question about the future. It is not necessary to shun this topic. Or to create the appearance of unprecedented rationalism. Though not without problems, but we fulfil the conditions, which show Ukraine’s ability to be a responsible member of the EU. And it is necessary to explain to European citizens today. This turn of the conversation depends not only from Kiev, but (and primarily) from Brussels and other influential capitals,» — said Lubkivsky.

«We cannot allow the issue of Ukraine for decades has become hostage to emotions or whims of the different associations in Europe. On the contrary, it now needs extensive conversation with the European society of Ukraine, the future of our membership and the vision of a United Europe with the participation of all Eastern European States», — he wrote.

Previously each Yatsenyuk, Andriy Ivanchuk told about the return of ex-Prime Minister to active politics.

Yatsenyuk went to Brussels to lobby the Ukrainian European integration 28.11.2016

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