Yatsenyuk: we have not achieved what you wanted, and here’s part of my guilt. However, corruption is «on top» of the destroyed

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk assured that systemic corruption at the highest levels of state power destroyed.

He stated in the TV program «10 minutes with Prime Minister».

«When we talk about a European Ukraine, it means Ukraine should be a government without corruption. We destroyed the system of mafia corruption at the highest levels themselves, but then we need to fight corruption, which touches the lives of each of you. This is when you require a bribe in kindergarten, at school, in hospital, at customs, in tax inspection», — said Yatsenyuk.

According to him, thanks to the steps taken to combat corruption has managed to turn «Naftogaz» into a profitable enterprise.

In addition, he said that in the framework of anti-corruption measures 50 state-owned enterprises will get new leaders.

The Prime Minister stressed that corruption is «destroying the future of our state» and does not allow the country to raise social standards.

At the same time, Yatsenyuk admitted that Ukraine has not yet achieved all that was hoped during the revolution of dignity, and this is part of his guilt.

«Of course, we did not achieve all what he wanted, and hoped for the Ukrainian people. And here is part my fault, I admit,» said Yatsenyuk.

At the same time he stressed that during these two years Ukraine has managed to become truly independent from the Russian Federation.

«Just think about it: what fundamental changes have taken place in Ukraine over the past 24 months. Ukraine became really independent state. Before we were actually under external management of the Russian Federation», — stressed the head of government.

So, according to him, today our state does not depend on Russia «neither Gaza, neither in Economics nor in politics.»

According to Yatsenyuk, to achieve all the goals Ukraine only lacks «political maturity», but «this takes time».

«Just as a child takes time to become Mature person, so does policy require free time and the influence of society. For each politician. Honesty, transparency and dignity – this is what you need in the whole of the Ukrainian political system,» — said Yatsenyuk.

He reminded that Ukraine has managed to destroy the system of usurpation of power, where «one and only «family» oversaw».

«We have taken the path of devolution. From Central government for places. And this process is called decentralization. We handed back the powers we have transferred to designated funds we have transferred to the place of direct responsibility to the citizens in your city, village and town,» he said.

He also reminded that in Ukraine there appeared a brand new police – «with the new young bright people who know what it’s like to serve the Ukrainian state».

«This process began in Kiev, but now he just goes to every city and town. Make you feel that you are under the protection of the new Ukrainian police», — said Yatsenyuk.

The Prime Minister also mentioned about the Ukrainian army, «which was not».

«She appeared. About the Ukrainian army is spoken all over the world. Because this is the army that is fighting against Russian military aggression», — said Yatsenyuk and added that it was the merit of each gromadyaninu of Ukraine.

«Who funds who volunteer help who are those that sent their family member to the front to fight for the country», — said Yatsenyuk.

Recall, 16 January the Verkhovna Rada listened to the report of the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the government’s work in 2015, dismissed him, acknowledging that the work is not satisfactory, but during the vote of no confidence in the government has gained only 194 votes with the required 226. A new vote on this issue is possible only at the next session, which will begin in September.

Yatsenyuk: we have not achieved what you wanted, and here’s part of my guilt. However, corruption is «on top» of the destroyed 22.02.2016

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