Yatsenyuk urged the democratic political forces to «turn the page». With Poroshenko and «BPP» will meet again

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk called on the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» and all democratic forces to «turn the page» to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and the collapse of the country.

«I appeal to the President, to his faction and to all sane and democratic forces: «Turned the page». We have no right to prevent a horror scenario of disintegration of the country, and have no right to repeat the mistakes of 2005″, — he said at a Cabinet meeting in Kyiv on Thursday, February 18, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Yatsenyuk stressed that his hand is held for the President and his faction.

«Not only mine, but all of the faction «popular front», which is together with presidential factions in the ruling coalition and the basis for changes in the country,» he added.

The Prime Minister considers that now the situation is much more complicated than it was in 2005, so all must «join hands», forget about past wrongs and to assume full responsibility for the fate of the country.

«Another option and prescription just not» – said Yatsenyuk.

He stated that it would conduct follow-up interviews with the President and the leadership of the faction «BPP» for the support of the government.

«I will hold consultations with the Radical party, once again talk to the President, with the head of his faction. You need to remove emotions, they are useless,» — said Yatsenyuk.

Commenting on the release of the faction «Samopomich» from the coalition in the Parliament, Yatsenyuk said that the need to be able to assume political responsibility.

«I can only sympathize with them (the faction «Samopomich»). You must be able to bear political responsibility. But we don’t give to throw the country into instability, chaos, lack of external support, reforms, economic and political destabilization,» the Prime Minister said at the Cabinet meeting.

Yatsenyuk once again expressed the conviction that the exit of the faction «Samopomich» from the coalition linked with the desire to achieve early parliamentary elections. «The withdrawal from the coalition is that they, of course, failed the first plan – to put the government; it is clear that the new government they are unable to form, and early elections,» he said.

Yatsenyuk added that after the failure of this scenario started to implement the second: «let’s bust up the coalition, and also we will implement the idea of early elections».

As reported, the faction «Samopomich» withdrew from the parliamentary coalition. The decision of the party faction leader Oleg Berezyuk said today, on 18 February, after an emergency meeting of the political forces.

Recall, 16 January the Verkhovna Rada listened to the report of the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the government’s work in 2015, dismissed him, acknowledging that the work is not satisfactory, but during the vote of no confidence in the government has gained only 194 votes with the required 226. A new vote on this issue is possible only at the next session, which will begin in September.

February 17, faction «Batkivshchyna» announced its withdrawal from the coalition. In September 2015 the coalition left Radical party of Oleg Lyashko.

Without representatives «Samopomich», «the BYuT representatives» and «radicals» in the coalition «European Ukraine» will remain 217 deputies at the minimum required 226 members to form a majority.

Many politicians and experts talk about the inevitability of early parliamentary elections.

Yatsenyuk urged the democratic political forces to «turn the page». With Poroshenko and «BPP» will meet again 18.02.2016

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