Yatsenyuk sold his share of the channel «Espresso» for $1,465 million

The cost of the agreement on the sale of shares in 30% of the party leader «national front», the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the authorized capital of the TV channel «Espreso» – $1,465 million About this in Facebook wrote press Secretary of Olga Lappo.

«Option to purchase 30% stake in OOO «ASTA Finans» (the legal entity that owns 100% of OOO «Goldberri», which broadcasts under the logo «Espresso») Yatsenyuk signed with co-channel Larissa Knyajichi still 2013, and in June of 2017 Yatsenyuk exercised his right of option, when it acquired its share of corporate rights. Having the opportunity of selling the share of the channel, he implemented it in order to avoid speculation about the politicization of the activity of the channel,» wrote Lappo.

According to her, the agreement is «absolutely transparent» – without schemes of tax optimization and the use of offshore companies.

«All financial transactions were tested in the respective banks of the United States of America and Ukraine. Taxes that will go to the state budget, will amount to about 7 million UAH», – said Lappo.


Yatsenyuk sold his share of the channel «Espresso» for $1,465 million 31.12.2017

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