Yatsenyuk said that the Cabinet of Ministers has financed reforms in the APU

The government has provided funding of reforms in Ukraine’s Armed forces.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in Parliament on Tuesday 16 February during the government’s report on its work for the year, according to the Department of information and communication of the Secretariat of the Cabinet.

«Our course, the course of the Ukrainian Armed forces on full-fledged membership in the Alliance was supported by reforms and appropriate financing», — he stressed.

«The task of the government is that the Armed forces of Ukraine actually became members of NATO. This means that all standards that are embedded in the Ukrainian Armed forces, must conform to the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance», — said Yatsenyuk.

According to him, if last year the total funding needs of national security and defense amounted to almost 96 billion UAH, for the current year the government increased it to 113 billion.

The Prime Minister said that Ukrainian troops purchased for 100 thousand new helmets and body armor, 34 thousand new weapons.

«On arms of the Ukrainian Armed forces has adopted a number of new and modernized Ukrainian import of weaponry,» he said.

Yatsenyuk also reminded that a broad reform of the Ukrainian army, starting with logistics support and to the financing of the armed forces.

In addition, Yatsenyuk has reminded that last year the government has gone the way of increase of social standards and wages for Ukrainian servicemen who are serving in the ATO area, and this year funds have been raised to double the amount of monetary allowances for the military.

Also, according to the Prime Minister, in the framework of reform of the Ukrainian army one of the first switched to e-procurement, and in the past year thanks to savings of about 200 million USD.

The government also fulfils its social function in relation to the Ukrainian military personnel who had served in the ATO zone and demobilized, stressed Yatsenyuk. According to him, today about 160 thousand Ukrainian soldiers received the status of the participant of anti-terrorist operation.

«Together with our NATO partners, we have created six trust funds, which carried out reforms in every single sector of the national security and defense — starting with training and uniforms of the Ukrainian military personnel and ending with a new advanced logistics», — he stressed.

Previously Yatsenyuk said that one of the priorities and objectives of the Cabinet in 2016 is the transition of the Armed forces of Ukraine to contract form of service and factual integration of the Ukrainian army in NATO. «We actually go to a contract army and the Ukrainian Armed forces, de facto, should become members of NATO, they must fully meet the standards and criteria of the North Atlantic Alliance», — said the Prime Minister during the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on February 11, listing objectives, which sets itself the government in 2016.

In turn the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also noted that in the further formation of the Ukrainian troops should take place primarily on contractual basis.

Yatsenyuk said that the Cabinet of Ministers has financed reforms in the APU 17.02.2016

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