Yatsenyuk promises to protect the members of the Cabinet from the pressure

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and will continue to do its work, and one of the deputies do not like it – let them initiate no confidence in the government. He said this at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Wednesday, February 3, in Kiev, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

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«We as the government will do its work further, we will implement the programme of action of the government, we will carry out reforms, we will protect members of its team», — said Yatsenyuk.

«My position is this – we will continue to fight and work. If someone is not satisfied with – the deputies or parliamentary faction, they have the constitutional right to collect 150 votes and put in Parliament resolution of no confidence in the government to find a majority, and to assume full responsibility», — said the Prime Minister.

He added that the Cabinet will respect this decision of the Parliament. «They may have the best programs, the best people. I didn’t see them. And perhaps it is the elementary struggle for power, and I am stating it now and testify,» he said.

He noted that «all this fuss over the past year to discredit the Ministers focused on one thing – the redistribution and the seizure of power.»

«There is continuous pressure on individual Ministers and the government as a whole. It’s a dirty political reality, opposed by me,» he said.

The Prime Minister stressed that he will protect every Minister, «which is now very difficult.» He noted that he appreciated the position of those Ministers who were forced to write a resignation letter. However, according to the Prime Minister, passed quite a long way.

«In this situation, the resignation is to escape from the battlefield. And here it is necessary to continue to fight… «the Resignation is made solely by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. And our faction – the faction «Popular front» – will decide separately for each Minister, who as worked», — said Yatsenyuk.

According to him, will also be investigated on corruption and political pressure. «The Cabinet will be to apply to the anti-Corruption Bureau and other law enforcement agencies», — he added.

«The government is working and eagerly awaiting the government’s report in Parliament. Dear deputies, the government is ready,» — said Yatsenyuk.

Today, 3 February, the Minister of economic development and trade aivaras abromavicius has decided to resign. The reason he called the blocking reforms. This person blames the President, one of the leaders of the faction «Block Petro Poroshenko» Igor Kononenko.

The newspaper is called an emotional statement Abromavicius and considers it an attempt to shift responsibility for failures in the work of the Ministry.

The media also reported that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko now meets with the Abromavicius.

At the end of 2015 after a year and a half to work in the civil service to resign from the post of first Deputy Minister of infrastructure left , Vladimir his arm, and from the post of first Deputy head of the national Bank of Ukraine Alexander Pisaruk, and in January – the first Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development Ruslan Korzh, All prior to his appointment he worked in the business.

We will remind also that on September 18, 2015 the Verkhovna Rada did not support the resignation of the healthcare Minister Alexander Kvitashvili.

In December, the resignation of the Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky. In January 2016 to leave the Cabinet decided and the Minister of agrarian policy and food Alex Pavlenko.

The parliamentary coalition is discussing changing the composition of the Cabinet.

Yatsenyuk promises to protect the members of the Cabinet from the pressure 03.02.2016

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