Yatsenyuk: IT sector is the basis of reforms in Ukraine and the world

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers IT sector and attracting knowledge and intellectual capabilities of citizens as the basis of reforms in Ukraine and the world. He said this during the opening of Ukraine’s first non-profit incubator «1991 Open Data Incubator», which United several IT solutions to solve the problems of infrastructure, agriculture and energy, as well as creating electronic services for the public, analytical systems for ministries and digital solutions, Smart City based on open data, transfers UNIAN.

«We are always looking for the answer, what should be the new Ukraine, — said Yatsenyuk. — I think that the new Ukraine and a new world is the fourth industrial revolution. This tarantism from the word «talent». This is something that can make the agricultural sector stronger, this is something that will help the government to carry out reforms, including in the health system. Talent is what will allow you to overcome illness, talent is what will guarantee security for people, update of Ukraine, to create a new political class».

The Prime Minister stressed that the future of the country, linking the latest technologies, civil society and the authorities.

«I see a new Ukraine, which has all chances to become a leader in Europe. Because we have the most important potential intellect, — said Yatsenyuk. — If a few years ago everyone thought that the potential is the gas and oil — look at the pictures and remember the Russians. If someone thinks that capital is money or assets that produce the final product, now I believe that a strong talent and a mind able to develop everything else. The world has changed and in this world the winner is the one who has the ideas and the mind, has the talent and desire».

Earlier it was reported that the priority in 2016 will be the restoration of economic growth. This is stated in the report of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Yatsenyuk: IT sector is the basis of reforms in Ukraine and the world 06.02.2016

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