Yatsenyuk: HMO and Centrenergo should be privatized transparently and honestly

Odessa port plant is the second largest producer of ammonia and carbamide and the third — on production of nitric fertilizers in Ukraine, as well as the state holding «Centrenergo», which exploits the Vuglegirska, Zmiivska and Trypilska thermal power plants (23 power unit with capacity from 175 MW up to 800 MW) total installed capacity of 7 MW 550, should be privatized this year, transparently and honestly. About this said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in televised address «10 minutes with Prime Minister».

«This, 2016-m to year, in Ukraine should begin an honest and transparent privatization. Privatization should be aligned to the Odessa port plant, the company «Centrenergo» other energy companies», — said Yatsenyuk.

However, he reminded that the Parliament should adopt a law that will give investors the opportunity to participate in a public, fair and transparent competition, to buy state facilities in order to attract foreign investment, create new jobs. «To modernize the Ukrainian economy and deprive the state-owned companies political influence and status of nurses for different political parties and forces», — stressed the head of government.

As reported, in January, the Verkhovna Rada considered and adopted in the first reading a bill to change the procedure of privatization and to remove corruption points, primarily relating to the compulsory sale of 5-10% stake in state companies on the stock exchanges. The adoption of the law in General will allow you to start privatization in the spring of 2016. As underlined by the head of the state property Fund of Ukraine Igor Bilous, the OPP will be put up for sale in April.

If the sale of the Odessa portside plant will be successful and exemplary, we agree with the government, the SPF will continue the process of sale of state assets. In addition to energy holdings, the SPF has already proposed to the Cabinet to include in 2016 20 objects of state property in the list to be privatized. In particular, we are talking about «Turboatom», which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of turbines (75% of shares belongs to the state) and «Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium plant» — Europe’s only producer of titanium sponge (51% of shares belongs to the state). The SPF expects to gain from privatization in 2016 about 30 billion UAH, subject to the adoption by Parliament of the necessary legislation.

Yatsenyuk: HMO and Centrenergo should be privatized transparently and honestly 08.02.2016

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