Yatsenyuk asks VR to help to seize $ 1.5 billion of an environment of Yanukovych in Oschadbank

Tools to improve social standards in 2016 above the budgeted 12%-a level not currently available, but they can occur in the case of the confiscation of $ 1.5 billion of the arrested means the environment Viktor Yanukovych, said Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on «government Hour» in the Verkhovna Rada on Friday.

«I’ll tell you frankly: now, at this stage, the additional resource we have,» he said.

Yatsenyuk called on MPs to pass a law that will allow law enforcement authorities to seize $ 1.5 billion that belonged to the previous government, which, according to him, are in accounts of Oschadbank.

The Prime Minister noted that immediately after the seizure of these funds will be credited to the state budget and is aimed not only at raising social standards, but also the financing of the army, the creation of new jobs.

Commenting on the current status of the state budget, Yatseniuk noted that due to a significant drop in oil prices and the collapse of prices on the basic export positions of Ukraine the government will be very difficult to implement the budget in 2016.

According to him, if the budget situation will be better than expected, then additional revenues will be directed to the indexation of social benefits.

Earlier Yatsenyuk said that the government appealed to the Prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies in order to complete the work on the actual forfeiture of about $ 1.5 billion of the assets of the Yanukovych regime, who were arrested by the decision of the scfm and court decisions, which are now in Ukraine.

«The amount of 1.5 billion dollars is actually part of the budget act. This means that come from seized property directly to the revenues of the state budget», — said Yatsenyuk.

Yatsenyuk asks VR to help to seize $ 1.5 billion of an environment of Yanukovych in Oschadbank 19.02.2016

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