Yatsenyuk asks MPs to vote in favour of the state insurance medicine

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk urged deputies to adopt laws necessary for the introduction in Ukraine of the state insurance medicine. As reported in Department of information and communication of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, he said this during an Hours of questions to the government held in the Verkhovna Rada on Friday, 19th February 2016.

«We need to find common ground between the government and the parliamentary Committee, that this legislation should take,» he said.

Yatsenyuk reminded that the Concept of health reform was presented by the Minister of health Alexander Kvitashvili at the meeting of the National Council of reforms under the chairmanship of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. At the same time, in the Parliament there are several bills that have been introduced by deputies.

«If people’s deputies of Ukraine believe that their laws are better, then the government supports them. For me the main thing today is to conduct real reforms in healthcare system», — said the Prime Minister.

The head of government noted that, under the Constitution, medicine in Ukraine free.

«Unfortunately, it is left only on paper. And so our system and our health care reform should be next. The state provides a minimum guaranteed level for public funds. Anything above that — we are introducing state insurance medicine,» he said.

«I ask members of Parliament and accordingly give instruction to the members of the government: let’s begin the process to adopt these laws», — said the Prime Minister.

We will remind, the project of health reform was presented Kvitashvili in December 2014.

In April 2015, the Minister explained that the transition to insurance medicine does not provide for the rejection of the free medical services.

«The transition to insurance medicine not constitute a waiver of complimentary medicine. Insurance is one of the sources of financing and nothing more. Thus, always there is no money in the country, where only the insurance works, or only works where the state program and state money. To move from one system to another is not planned, and it is impossible», — said Kvitashvili.

However, he also noted that the system of insurance medicine in Ukraine a full-fledged work only after the reform of the health system as a whole.

«In order for us to move to an insurance scheme, which will operate in the country, we need to first reform (the network of medical institutions — ed.), which today is generally inadequate, no insurance company will not be able to work in a situation where the network is so outdated. A huge and large infrastructure costs,» stressed the Minister.

Yatsenyuk asks MPs to vote in favour of the state insurance medicine 19.02.2016

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