Yatseniuk: during the year we have done more reforms than any previous government

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Sunday, February 7, during the «10 minutes with Prime Minister» acknowledged that the government has made many mistakes. However, he said that his government has done more reforms than any previous.

«I must openly admit that we made a lot of mistakes that we often do not have time for the whirlwind of events that got faster and faster reforms. But I also plead that the government in 12 months have made reforms and changes in the country more than any previous government for two decades,» — said the head of the Cabinet.

Yatseniuk expressed the belief that the crisis, which has now emerged in Ukraine, was essential for the Ukrainian political class. And this opportunity should be used to restart the relations in the Ukrainian government to declare the principles, which the Ukrainian government will continue to work and to carry out reforms.

«We as a government came by a single government command. It consists of politicians and technocrats. But this single organism, which in the last 12 months carries out the difficult but right decisions for the country. We are well aware that some of these reforms today is not very popular, but it’s the only recipe of how in the future Ukraine will achieve strong economic, social and political results, how Ukraine will become part of the greater European space,» stressed the Prime Minister.

Earlier the Prime Minister said that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resigns in the case, if the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will decide on its reformation.

Yatseniuk: during the year we have done more reforms than any previous government 08.02.2016

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