Yatseniuk against early elections: «we will surely come economic collapse»

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk (people’s front) did not see the need to hold early parliamentary elections, which can only lead to economic collapse. He stated that on the evening of 11 February 2016 on the TV channel «1+1», UNIAN reports.

«Now you raised the issue of early elections. They will bring these early elections, except that we will not have any reforms? In addition, we then will surely come the economic collapse? And, furthermore, that it will not change the system of state administration on better?» he said, answering questions.

Yatsenyuk stressed that today the country needs economic and political stability, «and the time for elections will come».


As previously reported, 2 February, the Chairman of the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Yuriy Lutsenko said that because of the refusal of the three factions («Batkivschyna», «Samopomich», the radical Oleg Lyashko) to work with the current government a way out of this situation can be either in the form of early elections, or by the»point» of reformatting, i.e. the Vice-premiers and Ministers. In the case of the reformatting of the Cabinet it will continue to lead Yatseniuk, the coalition agreement will be rewritten.

February 8, Lutsenko reported about the withdrawal of three fractions from the reformatting of the government with the proviso that Yatsenyuk will continue to lead the Ministers.

The Chairman of the parliamentary faction propresidential assured that you can avoid re-elections, but the party «national front» should nominate another candidate for Prime Minister, since the member parties of the coalition are not against the presence of «NF» in the government majority, they are not satisfied Yatsenyuk as acting Prime Minister and all Ministers, including those who were appointed by their party quotas.

It should be noted that after staff changes in favor of presidential and Prime Minister’s teams among the existing Ministers have «Batkivshchyna» remained only the Minister of youth and sport Igor Zhdanov (now they call him a man premiere), the «Samopomochi» — not a single representative; until recently they were Pavlenko, the Radical party — too not a single representative.

In the parliamentary elections most are not interested in two the «party of power» — «BPP» and «NF».

Sociologists argue that the «veterans» may not overcome the 5% threshold needed to enter Parliament. The possible re-election in the party Yatsenyuk has already announced, such that he will be playing «into the hands of the Kremlin.»

Meanwhile, the «people’s front» continues to insist there is no alternative to Yatsenyuk, and the leadership of the Cabinet, in turn, decided to deprive his opponents of the legal arguments in favor of a «point» update on urgent and private meeting organized withdrawal of resignation submitted earlier by the Minister of agrarian policy and food Alexei Pavlenko, Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy Stets, Minister of health of Ukraine Oleksandr Kvitashvili and Minister of infrastructure of Andrem Brewer.

«Corruption is contagious. Pavlenko is the Association «Samopomich». What is happening in the Cabinet destroys parliamentary democracy in Ukraine. The position of the «Samopomochi» remains unchanged — to dismiss the kleptocratic government led by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk to form the new Cabinet,» — commented on the decision, Pavlenko, the Chairman of the faction «Samopomich» Oleg Berezyuk.

On 16 February, the Verkhovna Rada to listen to the report of government, may be the reason for the resignation of the current Cabinet of Ministers.

Yatseniuk against early elections: «we will surely come economic collapse» 12.02.2016

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