Yashin: My half day the five of us watched at the door and picked up when I went to lunch. Why not just issue a subpoena?

Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin said that the police had made the arrest «ridiculous spectacle». About this he wrote in Facebook.

«First appeared in the middle of the night to the parents with whom I have 15 years do not live. Then half a day five of them were outside my driveway and took in the canteen, where I went to lunch. Really nothing else to do? In the area of three stations, complex crime situation, the new year period. Why not just issue a subpoena? Why the hell to spend such a significant arrest, distracting from the real work from a group of employees?» he said.

The politician promised that will ask these questions to the head of the Department of the interior Krasnosel’skiy, when he comes to report to the Council of deputies on January 23.

«The police Department staff behaved correctly. Apologized for interrupting my lunch and offered the pizza ordered. Asked about the actions that I conducted a few years ago. Was interested in my opinion about the work of the division with the difficult criminal situation in the area, clearly inviting a compliment. One of the employees even wanted me to take a picture, but it pulled the head and kicked out of the Cabinet», – he said.

The opposition leader noted that despite the friendliness, the police took his phone, keys, money and shoes.

«This is usually a bad sign, indicating that the case is going to arrest. Apparently, the original plan was still me close. Judge Julia Mordvinova, to which I was taken, was set up very playfully. Giggled, smiled, raised her eyebrows. Artistic girl – I only wish that all the arguments in my defense was ignored, in fact, just by copying in the court ruling the police report,» said Yashin.

The politician stressed that the decision in his case was legally very weak, because the judge did not assess even those documents which are attached to the case materials. Therefore, the decision will be appealed.

«I thought the judge and she was glad that she eventually forced me to put. Reading the resolution, she made a dramatic pause: «…the court decided to bring Yashin to administrative… fine!» And smile», he said.

The opposition leader said that politically the court’s decision on the penalty is very harmful.

«Firstly, it is, of course, petty revenge city hall. Second, the court, in effect, entrenched the monopoly of the municipality for approval any outdoor activities, including municipal activities that the law does not require sanctions Executive. This means that we have a long, exhausting fight for the rights of local self-government… a Huge thanks to the municipal deputies and concerned citizens who massively came to the court,» he concluded.


Yashin: My half day the five of us watched at the door and picked up when I went to lunch. Why not just issue a subpoena? 29.12.2017

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