Yaroslav Dubnevich: While our infrastructure does not meet international standards, Europe to us will not come

A year ago Parliament passed a law that launched the reform of the road sector, but high-quality highways in the country will appear only with the participation of business, wrote the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko, Chairman of the transport Committee Yaroslav Dubnevich in his blog on the website «Obozrevatel».

«Today, the naked eye can see that the situation on the roads improves. During the year work continued in spite of difficulty. But they were enough – enough to remember the only problems with the transportation of bulk materials for road works encountered in the fall because of a lack of locomotives for Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ). On the intensification of works on the roads evidenced by the statistics. Compared with 2016, the length of the reconstructed and repaired trails doubled from 950 to 2160 km, – says the MP. – The adoption of laws on the transfer of local roads for the local regional administrations and the creation of State special road Fund of the state budget (which was voted on last fall) gave a start to the reform of the road sector».

According to Dubnevich an important role in road construction played a so-called customs experiment – from September 2015 part of the customs duties in a number of areas goes to the repair of local roads, later this practice spread throughout the country. In 2017 goodexperience decided to extend.

«It’s not just about financial support (thanks to him we managed to collect about UAH 5.4 billion, of which more than 3 billion already spent on road repairs), but also about the socio-political: he induced to cooperate with the customs, business and government and disciplined all participants in the process. Members of the Committee gave nod to the continuation of the customs of the experiment for another two years: up to 2020,» – said the politician.

Roads should be protected by law, considers Dubnevich, because of irregularities in their operation result in regular destruction of the repaired coating.

«If it will drive heavy vehicles – significant, including premature destruction can not be avoided. Today a significant part of freight is transported by road. The reasons are many, one of them is the situation in the prison and lack of adequate weight control on highways. Violation of the carriers established weight and dimensional regulations – unfortunately, the phenomenon almost everyday. That is why our Committee was supported by a Deputy project regarding strengthening of responsibility for violation of weight and dimensional restrictions for commercial vehicles and expanding the circle of entities that have to bear,» – said the MP.

In particular, according to the Deputy, awaiting the adoption of bill No. 6644, which provides for the surveillance of violators of weight control and imposes joint and several liability of the carrier, shipper and driver, and bill No. 6766, to regulate the construction and operation of motorways on a concession basis.

«There is much and often say that we strive to Europe, waiting for us there – but while our roads will not be United with the European transport system with a network of paths, while our road infrastructure will not meet international standards and checkpoints will continue wild turn, Europe to us will not come. And currently not very let. What is required of us? The development of international checkpoints on the borders (their intersection should be as simplistic and comfortable) and the development of our state roads. Moreover, not only public funds but also in raising investment capital», – says the author.

Yaroslav Dubnevich: While our infrastructure does not meet international standards, Europe to us will not come 27.12.2017

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