Yarosh told how without money Kolomoisky will embody in the new movement, the ideas of Bandera

People’s Deputy Dmitry Yarosh hopes that his new organization «the National Rukh dmitr jarosz» will join not only the nationalists, as it was in the «Right sector». In an interview Лига.net he spoke about the creation of the «National Movement».

«Guys asked now – at the stage of formation – was a reference to my name. That is «the National movement dmitr Yarosh». But this is only the working title,» said Yarosh, noting that formally, the «Right sector» and the DUC is still registered to him.

Speaking about the departure of the «Right sector» Yarosh said: «No conflict took place, we just have different views on the development and Ukraine, and political parties». He believes that new social movement «will have a broader recruitment base than the «Right sector», and considers that «the request for such force is».

«We want to unite people who have not been in politics, who are patriots, but they are not necessarily nationalists, as it was in the «Right sector». Want to combine Patriotic nationalists, the national Democrats, liberals and other», — said Yarosh.

«Right sector is a purely nationalist organization, and the current situation in Ukraine, which I still tend to paint in black colors, universal Association of patriots of different ideological views. As further political separation of the society, namely we observe this process, dooms us to failure. Including in the war,» he added.

While Yarosh believes that «left-wing patriots» does not exist, «but a strong center-right structure to create possible and necessary».

«Actively working to attract in our structure of people, past the war – including my friends from the «Right sector» medical services «Hospitallers,» said Yarosh and noted that it is necessary to avoid cooperation with those who have stained themselves.

«The basis of the movement, we still will make the basic tenets of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism Stepan Bandera«, he said.

Speaking about the sources of funding of the new organization, Yarosh said: «we are Looking for. First of all, expect small and medium businesses. For regional offices that will be enough».

According to him, already some bankers are willing to «participate in the organization of a new movement – not only as sources of funding, but also as members of the future team».

Yarosh said that «in «Right sector» has never been some stable sponsors – speaking of the front, they were, and if the party then no.»

To the question whether the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky some of these sponsors and does he now Yarosh, the politician replied: «I Kolomoisky have not seen for probably a year and a half. So classify me to «people Kolomoisky» is a myth».

«We helped Fund Gennady Korban and the environment Kolomoisky in General, when they were in power in Dnipropetrovsk region. But the help was related to the front – they are not only «the Right sector» helped. Transport gave, gave bullet-proof vests, helmets… by the way, after he left the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, to help not stopped», — said Yarosh.

We will remind, on December 28, 2015 Yarosh has announced the release of the «Right sector» and the creation of a new movement. In «Right sector» claim that they failed to return jarosz «revolutionary road».

Yarosh told how without money Kolomoisky will embody in the new movement, the ideas of Bandera 01.02.2016

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