Yarosh: the President is considering creation of a «reserve» army

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko does not exclude the idea of creating a «Volunteer» or «reserve» army, and an exchange of views about the discharge of the bill occurs.

Announcement of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, former conductor of the organization «Right sector», and nowadays the leader of public political movement «Action» Dmitry Yarosh, reports «UKRINFORM».

«I’m negotiating with the President. He said he will think about the bill. There are issues of funding, more tactical. But in principle, I see that already have a certain desire to do something», — Yarosh declared, Answering a question about the situation around the idea of creating «Volunteer Ukrainian army».

According to Yarosh, the national awards volunteers-participants of the ATO, held today at the Day of Dignity and Freedom, also evidence of progress in this direction. «The President is listening, we have already exchanged opinions,» he added.

The MP Noted that «volunteer» or «backup» army (final name still TBD) should be a «public entity type Estonian» Kiselica «or the Polish territorial defense, perhaps, Finnish or Swiss model, but with Ukraine-realities».

As reported, during the celebrations to mark the Day of Dignity and Freedom and the beginning of the revolution of Dignity Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko handed the high state awards of Ukraine the participants of the antiterrorist operation, Which volunteers went to defend the country with the euromaidan in the spring of 2014. For personal courage, dedication and high professionalism demonstrated while defending state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky awarded to participants of the Antiterrorist operation, Dmytro Yarosh, Andriy Gergert, Victor Kitsch, Vladislav Litvin. The order «For courage» the Head of state presented the participants of the ATO Vladimir Vasyanovych, Sergei Torbino, Andrew Nagorny, Sergeant Vladimir Lashko, Sergeant Stanislav the Partal.

Yarosh: the President is considering creation of a «reserve» army 21.11.2016

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