Yarosh said about the ambitions of his «DIYA» and the formation of a Ukrainian Volunteer army

Dmitry Yarosh, who left in December 2015, the ranks of the wires of the national liberation movement «Right sector» and submitted in February 2016, a new public-political force «Derzhavnichestvo initiative jarosz» («DIYA») stated that she is ready to create a pyramid of alternative power to provide to the Ukrainians their concepts of reform and to serve on the Board at all levels.

However, as he noted in an interview with «UKRINFORM», «DIYA» is still in its infancy.

Yarosh told about his vision of political change in the country and noted that early parliamentary and presidential elections now can only do harm, because «in view of the growing impoverishment of the people, increased prices and other problems will be easy to take a revenge of anti-Ukrainian opposition forces».

At the same time, Yarosh believes: «it is desirable that Ukraine still does not reach an extreme methods of struggle».

On the criteria of formation of new political forces, he noted that it will be a Patriotic statist movement in the broad sense of the word. It will be able to enter and nationalists, and Democrats. But definitely not those who are implicated in corruption scandals, and not discredited «regionals» or their clones.

Answering the question about the attitude to other political projects – in particular, the joint project leader of the «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko and ex-head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko, which declared the fight against corruption and criticism or the resignation of the government, Yarosh noted the lack of efficiency in this matter.

«We have very often fighters against corruption are themselves corrupt. Unfortunately, this covered a lot of different structures. If you really Nalivaychenko worked through specific individuals in power, then let God help him. «A thief should sit in jail». Accordingly, they should work. But the effectiveness of all these movements is not yet in sight. Not making a systemic change, really of revolutionary change in the state without implementing Maidan slogans about fight against corruption, it is impossible to be solved», — he said.

Yarosh told about the Ukrainian Volunteer army.

«The system on which is based the Volunteer army, in principle, excludes any speaking youth slang, a movement in the rear. There are specific tasks that people need to solve, and in any case not to do business, racketeering and gangster things. As a sample we took the act of the Volunteer army, operating in Estonia, » — said Dmitry Yarosh and expressed the belief that problems with the law or scandalous incidents will not see them.

«All of our combat units that actually and got the glory of «the Right sector», with us doing Volunteer Ukrainian army. And there is no problem. But while we are fighting at the front, in the rear of some uncontrolled groups of people do the unknown. This was, in particular, the topic of our differences. For us this was unacceptable, so we decided to go our own way,» he said.

The former leader of «Right sector» condemned the pogroms of offices of banks in Kiev and the attempt to organize «Revolutionary right-wing forces» to initiate in the capital of the so-called Maidan-3, as «a brick through the window of the Russian banks will not solve the issue of economic de-occupation» and the latest action he considers destructive.

«Relative to the «Revolutionary right-wing forces», in my opinion, this is a destructive organization or network. Little is known about them, but given recent events, we have them is a negative one. Nicholas (the battalion commander OUN Nicholas Kochanowski, some time fought in the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps) and guys, I think there were seven of them, in my opinion, not quite adequate. Because a brick through the window of the Russian banks will not solve the issue of economic de-occupation. So he should be suspended, but not to run, as a kid, and somewhere out there something to throw at the window. We have many levers to influence the situation or to the same power. Peaceful levers. If there are no other options… on the Grushevsky street we went and joined the battle with the system. While such options are there, they should use», — said Yarosh.

Yarosh also remembered on the organization «White hammer», which at the time was expelled from the SS because of the «marginal action», and stressed that this «small group of people» who doesn’t want to work in state plane with him.

«White hammer» it is difficult to name the organization. It was a small group of people join us on the first stage, when we conducted active operations on the Maidan. And then went his own way, because our roads are not the same in many ways. We work not only in the plane of liberation, but in state, and when people don’t want to work, and only deal with the uproars, then we part ways. Who is responsible for this now can not say, because not dealt with this issue, and to me it is, frankly, not interesting,» he said.

Yarosh expressed confidence and full confidence in their surroundings.

«In my environment there are no representatives of the intelligence agencies, it is my deep conviction. Mostly it’s the boys that are with me passed the front, and there everything is clear and understandable. Regarding the attacks, the information from the security service often comes, and the neighbors (the Federal security service of the Russian Federation — Ed.) I brought in a list for liquidation. We have developed one such DRG-cover (sabotage and intelligence group) and together with the security Service carried out the arrest. Our guys have already started the diplomas and awards to obtain for such activity. But this is war, this is natural. With God’s help we and DRG-shki, and Russia will fail. Everything will be fine,» concluded Yarosh.

As reported, on 24 February in Lviv Yarosh said that is preparing the unification Congress of his new political force «Derzhavnichestvo initiative jarosz» («DIYA») in may. «We are expanding the recruitment base of their struggle, the cooperation with the Union of officers of Ukraine, people’s Movement for sovereignty and development, self-defense of the Maidan and the asset went his way from the «Right sector». Want to unite with those forces, to strengthen the Foundation of the fight,» he said.

We will remind, on December 28, 2015 Dmytro Yarosh has announced the release of the «Right sector» and the creation of a new movement. Yarosh stressed that it categorically denies «psevdorevolyutsionny activity that threatens the existence of the state Ukraine and stain the reputation of the patriots». Together with Yarosh «Right sector» took the 5th and 8th battalions of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK) and medical battalion «the Hospitallers».

In «Right sector» claim that they failed to return jarosz «revolutionary road».

Also note that the ordering of the volunteer military movement in Ukraine was to help the law of the reserve army, but that is not yet adopted. According to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the volunteer battalions must be integrated into the Armed forces. Is still in the process of entering the structures of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps «Right sector» (CRF) in the composition of the armed forces. DUK was created at the initiative of the public-political movement «Right sector» during the anti-terrorist operation on July 17, 2014, and acts in accordance with article 65 of the Constitution of Ukraine — the «Defense of the Fatherland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, respect for its state symbols are the duty of citizens of Ukraine». The commander of the 5th separate battalion DUK «Right sector» noted that part of the «Right sector» will be an official unit of the security Service of Ukraine. The head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak has informed that plans to attract fighters DUK PS to combat smuggling and saboteurs in the Donbas.

As a public organization «Right sector» was registered on February 24, 2014. 22 March 2014 Right sector became a party – its membership included a number of nationalist organizations. While the political party «Right sector» was created on the basis of the party «Ukrainian national Assembly» (UNA). On the basis of the party «Right sector» in July 2014 was created by Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK), which is involved in anti-terrorist operations.

Yarosh said about the ambitions of his «DIYA» and the formation of a Ukrainian Volunteer army 26.02.2016

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