Yarosh prepares the unification Congress to broaden the recruitment base for his new movement

Ex-leader of «Right sector» Dmitry Yarosh : the unification Congress of his new party in may.

He stated this on Wednesday 24 February at the press-conference in Lviv, reports «UKRINFORM».

«We are expanding the recruitment base of their struggle, the cooperation with the Union of officers of Ukraine, people’s Movement for sovereignty and development, self-defense of the Maidan and the asset went his way from the «Right sector». Want to unite with those forces, to strengthen the Foundation of the struggle», — said Yarosh.

According to him, at the time, so activists joined together to remove power from Kuchma and Yanukovych, who, it was believed, came the «long haul».

After the visits, meetings and consultations, the activists of «DIYA» became convinced that a fully realistic to hold a unification Congress, which they cook in may.

As reported, Yarosh, creates movement, which should, on a plan of initiators, to remind the people’s movement of Ukraine period prior to Ukraine’s independence, in which would participate representatives of various parties and public organizations for the implementation of reforms in the country.

According to him, at this time, meetings are held with interested public officials and politicians. Yarosh said that it is not about the creation of the party. According to him, the working name of the movement – «Derzhavniki Yarosh initiative» («initiative Yarosh Statist»).

We will remind, on December 28, 2015 Dmytro Yarosh has announced the release of the «Right sector» and the creation of a new movement. Yarosh stressed that it categorically denies «psevdorevolyutsionny activity that threatens the existence of the state Ukraine and stain the reputation of the patriots». Together with Yarosh «Right sector» took the 5th and 8th battalions of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK) and medical battalion «the Hospitallers».

In «Right sector» claim that they failed to return jarosz «revolutionary road».

Yarosh prepares the unification Congress to broaden the recruitment base for his new movement 25.02.2016

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