Yaremenko: And so much whether Moldova wants to regain control over Transnistria?

Considering the geographical location of Transnistria, Ukraine has all opportunities to put pressure on the unrecognized Republic. This opinion to the edition «GORDON» was expressed by the Ukrainian diplomat, former Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul, the head of the charity Fund «Maidan zakordonnih Ref» Bohdan Yaremenko, commenting on the statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that Kiev is ready to contribute to the restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Moldova.

«In fact, we can do a lot. This is due to the geography of Transnistria is almost completely dependent on Ukraine. But the question is whether Kiev is ready to pressure them. Russia and the international community will react to a possible blockade of Transnistria by Ukraine. Also the reaction of Ukrainians who live there,» – said Yaremenko.

He doubts that Moldova is interested in returning control over Transnistria.

«Today, Ukraine is actually the guarantor of the Transnistrian conflict settlement. Kiev – a member of the official international negotiations on this issue. We always tried to play a constructive role in this process, but war with Russia makes Ukraine a slightly different look at the situation in Transnistria. Although no serious discussions about assistance to Moldova in Ukraine is not. Moreover, the question arises: whether Moldova wants to regain control over Transnistria? The impression that the current situation suits almost everyone – both Moldova and Transnistria. I think this is just a political statement Poroshenko, not a real initiative,» – said Yaremenko.

Today during joint with Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip, the opening of the Ukrainian-Moldovan customs and border control in the Kuchurgan Poroshenko said that he had instructed the scope of the EU mission on border assistance to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) in the number of crossing points of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.

Transnistria declared sovereignty from Moldova in 1990, but the world community the region’s independence is not recognized. Autonomy demanded of the inhabitants of this region. In the mid-90s in Transnistria was officially introduced the contingent of Russian peacekeeping forces.

Yaremenko: And so much whether Moldova wants to regain control over Transnistria? 17.07.2017

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