Yanukovych said the Crimea, he approved the start of «referendum» and as the military BSF of the Russian Federation «very much» influence on events

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated that members of the black sea fleet greatly influenced the decision to hold a «referendum» in Crimea in 2014.

He said this on Monday, November 28, during interrogation in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev during the video conference from Rostov as a witness in the case against five former «berkutovets», accused in the shooting of Maidan activists in February 2014, UNIAN reports.

In particular, prosecutors asked Yanukovych why he went to the Crimea.

«The events that happened at that time in Ukraine, they were signs of anti-state, anti-constitutional coup, armed. I am well aware that in this situation, the country can not live, because the society is divided in half, and what the President illegally removed from power?», — said Yanukovych.

«I had a choice — to appeal to the Ukrainian people, to contact people who can hold a weapon in his hands, and to go along with me, to unite and restore the constitutional order in Ukraine. What does it mean? This meant civil war. And I said repeatedly that I was against bloodshed, and that for me was the most important thing. So when I went to the Crimea, I thought that I would have to live in a peaceful country, which has a Constitution, which is the power in which I am the President», — Yanukovych said.

He said that when he was on the way to the Crimea, drove from Donetsk, I saw that «there is no escape from this situation and a simple answer».

According to Yanukovych, when he arrived in the Crimea, met with the then head of the Sevastopol city state administration Vladimir Yatsuba, who was asked to explain what is happening in Sevastopol. The former President said that he was informed that the city held a meeting and that «people are outraged by what is happening in Kiev, people feel in danger.»

«People have very bad mood because people don’t know how to defend themselves. It was decided, first, to create self-defense units, set all the posts and put roadblocks around the border with Ukraine, because there was a danger that in Sevastopol will go to the radicals and start doing what they did in Ukraine», — said Yanukovych.

Also the former President added that he Yatsuba reported that the Sevastopol was the man who was allegedly humiliated on the road from Kiev to Cherkasy region.

«Which is thrown from the car, the car burned, he was forced to eat glass and sing the anthem of Ukraine and to shout «glory to Ukraine»,» — says Yanukovych.

The Prosecutor interrupted him, and said that it doesn’t explain how the annexation has occurred.

«And when he went out, took the radical decision. The decision was taken is to immediately launch a referendum on secession and joining Russia. Did you know that in Sevastopol are a lot of military from the Russian black sea fleet, and they also influenced this decision very much,» — said Yanukovych.

According to him, the Russian military also contributed to the proclamation of the «people’s mayor» of the city, said «112 Ukraine».

«It was decided to dismiss the head of administration Yatsuba from the post. And choose the «people’s mayor». I don’t remember his name,» said Yanukovych. (We are talking about the Chairman nelegitimnoe «Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol» Alexey Chaly, who admitted to journalists that it was preparing the annexation of Crimea to Russia since 2004, but the situation «did not reach such extreme» — Ed.).

Yanukovych said that he appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, when he decided to leave the territory of Ukraine.

«What was I supposed to do? To raise the flag of the President in the Crimea, where tomorrow will be a referendum on secession from Ukraine. I go now to fight against the referendum, although I was against it, but the other way is to gather people around you who will take arms and begin to restore «constitutional order» in Ukraine, what is it? This is a civil war, which was supposed to open I personally. In order to repair itself in office», he said.

«I made the decision, took the decision, and only then I turned to Russian President Putin, and told him that I made the decision to leave the territory of Ukraine, because they believe that it is very dangerous… from the point of view of Ukrainian life, the lives of people who are in Ukraine today,» — said the former President.

Yanukovych thinks that, if he had stayed in Ukraine, that «this war, as in the Donbass, would have started all over the territory of Ukraine».

Recall that after the execution of the Maidan President Yanukovych fled from Ukraine in the night from 22 to 23 February 2014. During his stay in Russia, the fugitive several times appealed to the people of Ukraine about their «legitimacy». On 1 March he appealed to Russian authorities with a request to use Russian troops in Ukraine.

Annexation by the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea took place in March 2014. Later that same spring, Pro-Russian separatists with the support of regular Russian troops began to seize territory in the East of Ukraine, and then on 14 April the authorities announced the start of the Antiterrorist operation in the Donbas, military operations are conducted there to this day.

During the annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula, March 4, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin, as commander in chief of the armed forces, warned that Russian troops will «cover» Ukrainian women and children if the Armed forces of Ukraine will begin to oppose the invaders in the Crimea. We add that the participation of Russian troops in the occupation of the Crimea, Putin acknowledged a year later after the RAID to seize the Peninsula (before Russian troops he called «self-defense forces»).

Note also that the March 1, 2014, addressing the Federation Council regarding the use of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, Putin argued it is an extraordinary situation, which allegedly poses a threat to Russian citizens and military, who are stationed on the territory of Crimea. However, a member of the Council on human rights under the President of Russia, expert of the Moscow Helsinki group Andrei Yurov said that casualties among Russian citizens in the Crimea there. Yurov also represents an international group of human rights defenders on the situation in Ukraine, expressed «a personal opinion that the situation in Crimea is absolutely stable and no reason to enter any of the troops are gone.»

October 12, 2016, at the forum «Russia calling» Putin explained his intervention in Ukraine by the need to «protect the Russian speaking population» in the Donbas and in the Crimea. What exactly is the danger for Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine, if it ever existed, the Russian President is not told.

October 27, Putin said that Russia has occupied Crimea without casualties: «In Crimea there was no war, no bombing, military operations, no casualties, no one was killed (in fact, during the occupation killed two Ukrainian soldiers: major Stanislav Karachevsky and ensign Sergey Kokorin, — Ed.)».

Yanukovych said the Crimea, he approved the start of «referendum» and as the military BSF of the Russian Federation «very much» influence on events 29.11.2016

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