Yanukovych said that Firtash and Lyovochkin destroyed the Party of regions and «stability in the country»

The ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych accused the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash and former head of the presidential administration Serhiy Lyovochkin that they have destroyed the Party of regions and stability in the country.

Levochkin in beating people on the Maidan accused Zakharchenko and the then government

As UNIAN news Agency reports, Yanukovych said via video link in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev during questioning as a witness in the case against five ex-«berkutovets», accused in the shooting of Maidan activists in February 2014.

«We knew that inside the Party of regions worked by the opposition and deputies who were dependent on some of the oligarchs, they began to lean toward the opposition», — told ex-the President.

«They (MPs) position was as follows — as you say master. It was a huge group which was headed by the Deputy Tigipko, who told me: «I agree with you, Viktor Fedorovych, but I inclines Firtash». And next to him Mr. Lyovochkin, who also played in those games. And in the end, they destroyed the coalition, and they destroyed, in fact, the stability of the country. Because stability was destroyed by the 22 February 2014, when we began to take unconstitutional laws and decisions», — Yanukovych added.

We will remind, in April 2015, Firtash said at the court in Vienna that, in connection with Yanukovych’s rejection of necessary reforms began to search for an alternative candidate to the presidential elections of 2015 and found as such a candidate Vitali Klitschko. In addition, Firtash said that played a decisive role in reaching a compromise between the then opposition and President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014, and said that suspects the failure of the reached agreements of the leader of «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko.

Commenting on the escape of Yanukovych, Firtash said: «I think he’s a coward. He never had to run».

The so-called group of deputies of the Firtash — Lyovochkin in the Verkhovna Rada (about two dozen of the servants of the people) supported ex-President Yanukovych and his regime. Firtash tells how he was always afraid of Tymoshenko, but close to it deputies Feb 22, 2014 supported the resolution on the implementation of international obligations of Ukraine regarding releasing Tymoshenko Yu. V. (No. 4166), which in fact she was released from prison (that reasonably casts doubt on the assertion Firtash its impact on political processes in the country). For this decision voted 322 deputies of the 331 registered in the courtroom.

It is known that earlier it was the deputies from groups Firtash appeared in the Verkhovna Rada on 20 February 2014, when there were shootings of protesters on the Maidan and when it was important to give a signal to society about the settlement of the crisis. However, close to Firtash, Sergei Tigipko has promised, but not come to Parliament, like other members of his group.

February 21, 2014, when formed oseparatistso consensus and majority decisions were voted more than 300 voices deputies from groups Firtash has already participated in the meeting. In fact, the deputies supported the decision of Parliament in a situation when it became clear that their adoption is inevitable. Thus Firtash could join the General consensus, fearing that otherwise he will have to bear responsibility for the previous events together with the immediate environment of Yanukovych.

In particular, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law on decriminalization, which allowed to release Tymoshenko. For the law voted 310 people’s deputies, in particular from Party of regions voted 54 MPs, including from the group Firtash.

The Constitution of 2004, the Rada resumed on 21 February 2014 325 votes (including 45 members of the party of regions faction). It’s hard to say that when such a large advantage of votes «for» two dozen deputies from groups Firtash could play any decisive role.

Levochkin in beating people on the Maidan accused Zakharchenko and the then government

MP of the faction «Opposition bloc», the former head of the presidential administration Serhiy Liovochkin said that the fault for the beating of the protesters on Independence square lies on the then repressive machine of the authorities, in particular former Minister of internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko.

«Despite the fact that Zakharchenko and other persons in 2013, used all the possibilities of the then repressive machine, they failed to substitute Serhiy Lyovochkin because the real blame for beating people on the night of 30 November 2013 is on them», — is spoken in the comment of the press service of Levochkina, published on the official website of the party «Opposition bloc» on Friday.

According to him, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the party «people’s front» are currently trying to do «the same provocation to divert attention from their involvement in organizing terrorist attacks against the TV channel «inter».

Press-service of the Deputy reminded that Levochkin his statement of 30 November 2013, gave his assessment of the brutality of the police at the Independence square. The reason for his resignation as head of the presidential administration November 30, also was a protest against the use of force against protesters.

As reported, on 23 November, the Minister wuntronic Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov I declared that Levochkin is the author of a crackdown on protesters on Independence square. In turn, Lyovochkin said that «it was unjustified police brutality against students on Independence square on 30 November 2013 became the reason of my protest and the resignation of the head of the presidential administration».

Ek-President Viktor Yanukovych earlier also accused of provocations on the Maidan, the former head of his administration, nyneshnego MP from the Opposition bloc Serhiy Lyovochkin, who, according to former head of state, supposedly at the same time manipulated and police officers, and the then opposition. Levochkin denies such accusations. «… The charges of Yanukovych — a tale from the political crypt», — says MP.

Yanukovych said that Firtash and Lyovochkin destroyed the Party of regions and «stability in the country» 28.11.2016

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