Yanukovych and his clan «laundered» over $ 200 billion — scfm

The state service for financial monitoring has revealed that hundreds of financial transactions that may be related to legalization of incomes obtained ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage in an illegal manner. This is stated in the report of the Ministry for 2016, published on the Government portal.

It is noted that for the entire period of investigation (March 2014-December 2016) has been prepared and sent to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine 547 materials (109 generalized and generalized 438 supplementary materials).

The amount of financial transactions, which may be associated with legalization of proceeds of crime, it is 201,7 billion hryvnia.

«The results of the measures taken by scfm during investigations blocked accounts of individuals and legal entities that have a relationship with Yanukovych and former senior funds equivalent to 1.54 billion dollars», — stated in the report.

According to the financial intelligence units of other countries, the blocked assets of former high-ranking authorities, local authorities and related persons totaling 107,19 million US $ 15,87 million euros and 135,010 million Swiss francs, in particular in the following countries: Austria, UK, Latvia, Cyprus, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

As reported, Yanukovych’s stated willingness to testify at his place of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The lawyer claims that his client has still not handed to the suspect, despite the statements of the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. According to him, the request in part awarding him notice of the charges is still in the work of the competent authorities of the Russian Federation.

Yanukovych and his clan «laundered» over $ 200 billion — scfm 31.01.2017

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