Yana Zinkevych returns to Ukraine

The head of the medical unit «the Hospitallers» Ukrainian Volunteer corps «Right sector» Yana Zinkevych, which after the accident was treated Israel in the night of Friday, 5 February, returned home to Dnepropetrovsk.

«Tonight, exactly two months ago, at 4:30 in the morning there was a horrible accident, which divided my life into «before» and «after».And tonight at 4:30 and I land at Dnepropetrovsk direct flight from tel Aviv. Behind two months of struggle for life. Heavy surgery, recovery, rehabilitation. Today ended its first stage,» wrote the founder in Facebook.

Povernennya Dodoma Today…at night, Runo two msec, about 4.30 the wound had become of jahlive accident, that podola my life…

Sinkevich published by Jana on 4 February 2016.

«In Ukraine, I have to solve a lot of questions, and I hope will soon be able to return back to Israel for continued rehabilitation,» she added.

5 December 2015, the car «Hospitallers» got in an accident in Dnipropetrovsk. As a result of severe injuries received Jan the founder and the medical battalion commander with the Callsign «Shooter».

Zinkevich was referred for treatment followed by rehabilitation in Israel, where on 15 December she underwent an operation.

Yana Zinkevych returns to Ukraine 05.02.2016

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