XI Jinping was elected President of China

XI Jinping on 17 March re-elected on a post of the Chairman of the people’s Republic of China, reported the Agency «Xinhua».

Such a decision by secret ballot adopted by the deputies of the first session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (vsnp) 13-th convocation. Not a single MP opposed the submitted nominations.

XI Jinping re-elected to the highest state position for the armed forces – Chairman of the Central military Commission of the PRC.

TASS noted that by March 11, 2018, the Chinese President could be elected for a term of five years and to hold office for not more than two terms, however, at the current session of the deputies of the national people’s Congress amended the country’s Constitution, repealing limitations on the term of office.

64-year-old XI Jinping holds the post of the head of the Chinese state and tsvs in 2013.

XI Jinping was elected President of China 17.03.2018

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