Wounded on the Maidan activist in court to testify against ex-«berkutovets»

Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev which considers the case against the five former fighters of special division «Berkut», investigated the materials relating to the attempted premeditated murder of the victim, 20 Feb 2014 Petro Kovalchuk, who was wounded on Instytutska street. This writes Radio Liberty.

The man was talking about how I wanted to help the wounded, in which the shot in front of his eyes. A few seconds after he approached him, Kovalchuk himself was wounded, he said in court.

According to the victim, at the time of injury he was facing the so-called snow barricade on Instytutska street. Kovalchuk suggested that the shots were fired from behind the barricades, because there from time to time there are «black hats», which, according to the Prosecutor Novel Psykewere identified as employees of «Berkut».

«Thank God I’m alive, I live. I was saved by the people, for me, pulled, thanks to doctors. I came here to find out why, find out who shot me, not only for myself but for the many victims», — said Petro Kovalchuk.

The prosecution considers that the testimony of Kovalchuk confirm the facts that were established during a pretrial investigation.

«We found that it was a gunshot wound. This victim was removed the bullet, she’s in pre-trial investigation identified as vystalena from the machine of one of the employees of «Berkut», which now is wanted. Once again confirmed the facts that were established during the pretrial investigation, about the involvement of a specialcompany «Golden eagle» for the perfecting of the classic murders or attempted murders of participants of the Maidan», — commented the course of the trial, the Prosecutor of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Roman Psiuk.

The Prosecutor also noted that the court has already heard about half of the victims.

At the same time, advocates of the defendants in the case argued that the testimony of the victim and an investigative experiment showed that the injuries the victim suffered as a result of a shot from hotel «Ukraine» because the bullet hit him in the back.

«Judging by the testimony of the victim and an investigative experiment, can clearly indicate that the wounds he received from the hotel «Ukraine». There ex-«berkutovets» were not, there were demonstrators, there were snipers among the protesters, and rejects the charges against him», — the lawyer of former special forces soldiers Alexander Gorodinsky.

The next hearing in the case against five former «berkutovets» will be held on January 26.

The Prosecutor suggested that during this year, the court will focus on the hearing of victims and witnesses.

In may 2016 Sviatoshynskyi court began its consideration of the merits of the case against five former «berkutovets»: Pavel Abroskin, Sergey Zinchenko, Oleksandr marinchenko, Sergei Temtory and Oleg Janiszewski. They are accused in the shooting of activists of Maidan, on Institutskaya street in Kiev in February 2014. Five former «Berkut» accused of abuse of power, unlawful use of a weapon, homicide and causing bodily harm Maidan activists.

The former fighters of special forces «Berkut» did not admit their guilt on any of the items.

All, as reported by the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine Janis Simon, was able to identify 25 of police officers who were shot on Institutska. 20 of them right now.

In February 2016, the court combined the criminal proceedings against former employees of special division «Berkut» Alexander marinchenko, Sergei Temtory, Oleg Janiszewski, accused in the shooting of 48 activists of the euromaidan, with the case against Sergey Zinchenko and Paul Abroskin, who were accused of killing 39 protesters on 20 February 2014, on Institutskaya street.

According to the Prosecutor General, during the Euromaidan suffered 2.5 thousand people, 104 of them died.

Wounded on the Maidan activist in court to testify against ex-«berkutovets» 25.01.2017

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