Workers «DTEK Zakhidenergo» need to confiscate Akhmetov’s property and raise wages

In Ivano-Frankivsk region, on the road Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk, employees of the Burshtyn TPP, along with community activists took to hour protest. The main requirements – to increase wages by 30% and the confiscation of the property of Rinat Akhmetov.

This was announced by Chairman of the Union of Burshtyn TPP Ruslan Karvatsky, reports «UKRINFORM».

«We don’t block the road. The cars will move, but slowly. The protest will last an hour. Our demands: to raise employee wages by 30%, plant Akhmetov and to confiscate his property,» said Karvatsky.

According to him, the protest, which began at 14 o’clock, went out to thousands of people. In addition to employees of the Burshtyn TPP will support employees of all stations that are part of the structure «DTEK Zapadenergo», public Association «Euromayday», «Atomidine», the veteran organization of the fighters of ATO and Afghanistan.

«Today, our workers salary reaches 5-6 thousand hryvnia per month, while the prices have grown three times. If our products are sold in the market at European prices, why have not European salaries? We have all suspicion that they are financing the separatists,» — said the source.

In September, the Burshtyn TPP held a warning protest.

PJSC «DTEK Zapadenergo» is one of the largest Ukrainian producers of electricity and heat. The electricity produced by the company is supplied to Ukrainian consumers and for export to Europe. Part of the «DTEK Zapadenergo» includes Burshtyn TPP, Ladyzhyn TPP and Dobrotvorskaya TPP and service enterprises, Galremenergo, Lvivenergoremont, Lvivenergoremont, Zapadenergo.

The company DTEK is the main assets of Rinat Akhmetov.

Earlier it was reported that the SBU suspects the number of Akhmetov’s companies in trade with ORDO.

And recently, the volunteers said that the trucks with humanitarian aid from Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation found more than 300 military radios cost from $ 200 apiece.

Workers «DTEK Zakhidenergo» need to confiscate Akhmetov’s property and raise wages 05.02.2017

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