Winnick: the Time is hasty marriages expired

Singer Oleg Vinnik in the program «All will be good» on STB TV channel admitted that he has nothing against marriage. Video released on the website of the TV channel CTV.

According to the singer, he believes that marriage should be for life.

«And for that we have to think. I think the time ill-considered marriage had already expired. By the way, if to speak from the position of the European experience, then for some reason there getting married only after 30 years,» he said.

Winnick admitted that for him the most difficult thing in a relationship to love the systems and the flaws of man. «Not to reconcile, because then it would be a burden, namely, to love!» he said.

The singer offered no details about his personal life, but hinted that he had several children.

July 31, winnick turned 44 years. Solo career in Ukraine singer started in 2011. Previously sang in the musicals «Les Miserables» and «Elizabeth».

Winnick: the Time is hasty marriages expired 13.09.2017

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